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May 9, 2010 08:02 AM

London 4 Days

Was wondering what and where to eat in London. I will be there for 4 days and am looking for some good eats.

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  1. Well, what are you looking for? Any particular cuisines or budgetary restrictions?

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    1. re: katieparla

      Just looking for good food. We'll eat just about anything and there are no budgetary restirctions.

      1. re: IAMMAC

        you really ought to be specific. london has a lot of interesting and delicious options at every price point, so not having budgetary restrictions doesn't really help the locals help you.

        for instance, what sort of places do you like top eat at in your hometown? is there a particular cuisine you've seen mentioned on these boards and are dying to try? etc. finally, you should specify where you're staying.

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      1. Where are you staying please? Also what are you doing during the day? Working in the City or Canary Wharf (the financial areas) or maybe sightseeing?

        Anyway, I'll start with Santini, an excellent Italian, not far from Buckingham Palace:

        I also like The Bleeding Heart, roughly between St. Paul's Cathedral and Covent Garden:

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        1. re: Robin Joy

          I would discourage eating Italian, even at someplace special like L'Anima, for someone coming to London for just 4 days. Eat Italian elsewhere, IAMMAC. I recommend you check out:

          Lahore Kebab House or Tayyabs in Whitechapel for Pakistani food

          Leila's Shope in Shoreditch for breakfast

          The Wells in Hampstead or the Anchor & Hope in Waterloo for a great gastropub experience

          The Greenwich Union in Greenwich is a nice place for Sunday roast and to try a brewery pub (Meantime brewery)

          Canteen (several locations) for good british food in a casual setting

          St John Bread & WIne or St John for exellent british food but with crap service.

          The Hawksmoor in Shoreditch/Spitalfields for excellent ribs, burgers and steaks made from UK heritage breeds.

          1. re: katieparla

            Just have to add a laugh here as I read this list of restaurants and thought, "Wow! Someone else likes the same places Katie suggests."...then I scroll down and see it is you! Now that I'm back from Rome it's London planning time. Thanks for the restaurant ideas.

            1. re: katieparla

              'crap service' in St John - really? I have always experienced great service there - OP please dont be put off by that as both are really worth visiting.

              Also to add to the list, try to get to the Harwood Arms in Fulham (rather than Canteen) for great British food - I find Canteen is a bit hit and miss these days and you can't really compare the two.
              I also love Hibiscus although it's not universally loved on the board - they have a great lunch special. Or try to get on to Le Gavroche for the best lunch deal in town.

          2. Try to have an afternoon tea. That is something uniquely English, even though you can get it elsewhere. All the hotels do it, I like the one in Brown's, but if you want a great view of the park while sipping, go to the Hytde Park Hotel in Knightsbridge. Many cafes serve tea too. And if you're in Trafalgar Square, you can enjoy the crypt experience in St. Martin's Crypt (its lovely) or look down on mere mortals from the cafe at the National Gallery. I hope you have a great trip!