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May 9, 2010 07:44 AM

Kid friendly lunch spot in Annapolis?

My wife and I are looking for great food, maybe something unique to Annapolis, at a place that doesn't mind infants. Any ideas?

Also, any great place for soft shell crabs?

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  1. Cantlers has soft-shell crabs. A little distance from the historic area, but the closest to "unique to Annapolis".

    And make sure you steer clear of Buddys downtown.

    Cantler's Riverside Inn
    458 Forest Beach Rd, Annapolis, MD 21409

    1. For non-soft shells:

      In the city, I like Galway Bay (interestingly enough they have good crab cakes), El Torro Bravo for casual Mexican. If your infant is young and pretty sleepy you might even try Carrol's Creek or Hellpoint Seafood. McGarvey's also has good crabcakes, but at night it gets more bar-ish.

      Out at the mall Punk's Backyard Grill is very good.

      Agree with above poster for crabs. Mike's isn't bad either.

      Carrol's Creek Cafe
      410 Severn Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403

      Backyard Grill
      1525 S Philadelphia Blvd, Aberdeen, MD 21001