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May 9, 2010 05:05 AM

could lobster and spaghetti not be a good combination for some cooks?

hey! i usually cook spaghetti with tomato sauce and a few packaged frozen raw shrimps in it.
wth those frozen creatures, my result with the tomato sauce are very neat and smooth to be tasted and be arranged in the bowls.
but when i add partially cooked fresh lobster meats into sauce, the meats soak the sauce very much. so my spaghetti looks very messy as if lobster meats have addtional natural "starch" in it why is that? do you have any experince of your own self-made pasta with lobster become messy and "starchily" chunky. i again didnt have any problem with shrimps.
i m'not saing the taste of pasta with lobster was seriously bad, but i think if the result of the final texture was smooth like i did with shrimps, i think i might be more satisfied with that. and again it was very messy also when arranging in my pasta bowls.
could anyone give me any tip for this?

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  1. Suate' shallots, garlic in 1-2 oz.olive oil. Squeeze out excess plum tomato juice, coarsely chop. Add to pan , stew 30-45 min. Toss with fresh pasta boiled 2-3 min. Steam lobster, add at last minute. (basil, cheese,...) Yeah....

    1. I would add totally raw lobster, it cooks very quickly. Maybe the pre-cooked has some kind of coating or additive?

      1. No idea. I just saw the Alton Brown lobster episode though, where he says lobster has cholesterol comparable to beef, so maybe that has something to do with the coating you're getting on the pasta?

        1. hmmmm, I've done a spaghetti pie with lobster before with great results BUT no red sauce - it's cooked pasta, mixed with cooked lobster, an egg or two to bind with ricotta cheese, herbs, grated cheese, etc. throw in a pie plate, bake for a bit.

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            Wow! Does that sound good LexPatti - Is there a recipe resource?