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May 9, 2010 12:59 AM

Inexpensive wedding venue - Help

Hi there, I am hoping someone can help me, my wedding is set for May 29, 2011, and have yet to find a nice venue for a low price.

I am currently looking for a wedding venue that is inexpensive, preferably less than $70 per person. Also the location must have an outdoor ceremony space that would comfortably fit 100 people. Prefer a plated sit down service/

Anyone got any ideas?



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  1. Don't know if fits the bill as it were, but I've been to a couple of outdoor weddings there—and will be attending another in a few months—and the grounds and catering were most enjoyable.

    1. Have you tried the kitchen at St. Lawrence Market?

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      1. re: currycue

        We're actually thinking about the Market Kitchen at St. Lawrence Market as well for May 2011, as they seem fairly affordable and are at a great location, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experiences with them?

        St. Lawrence Market
        92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

        1. re: GraceInToronto

          Just wondering if you were able to get any pricing for venue rental from the Market Kitchen? I'm also really interested in this venue and contacted them via email but have not heard from them.

          1. re: 0ntar10

            They charge $1,000.00 plus HST on a Saturday. Quite affordable but their capacity is only 55 people max for sit-down dinners. I haven't seen the space, so I don't know if there'll be room for dancing.

      2. Where are you from?
        I’m getting married at Lipa Park in Effingham (Niagara area) In October.
        Food- I’m paying $39 a person, and were supplying all the alcohol there. Which saves a TON. They offer plated dinners (thats what ours will be) And they have alot of weddings there.
        Its beautiful, they have an outdoor Pavilion
        And the place is amazing for pictures!!!!! Its so niceeeeeeeee
        GOOD LUCK!

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        1. re: steakqueen

          hi rachel! im from the niagara region and just came accross this website!!! can you say life savior? i just spoke to anne but we talked briefly and i will be going next week to view the location. im planning my wedding in september :) since you've been there to view what else can you share with me? the part about being able to bring our own alcohol sold me! thanks


        2. A friend of mine got married at Puck's Farm - complete with hay rides, a BBQ dinner, a live square dancing band and a DJ. It was in a barn and a blast.

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          1. re: MeMeMe

            I live in the Toronto area and looking for a venue around Toronto, and up to a 45 min drive away from Toronto

          2. You might look into Mrs Mitchells in Violet Hill (west of Alliston on Hwy 89)
            We had a family wedding there last year. The ceremony was in the gorgeous garden down the road at the owner's home and the lunchtime reception in the restaurant which is an old schoolhouse (very quaint)
            The food was excellent and my jaw dropped at the prices when I opened the wedding package that they mailed to us. The max number of guests is 80.
            Heidi and the staff were very accommodating.
            It's a bit of a drive from Toronto, but well worth it!

            Mrs Mitchell's
            , Shelburne, ON L0N, CA

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            1. re: silkrose1

              Hi there,

              How much were the wedding packages for Mrs Mitchells?

              Thanks for your help,


              Mrs Mitchell's
              , Shelburne, ON L0N, CA

              1. re: silkrose1

                I saw the photos on their website. The wedding reception setting looks beautiful! It's ideal for a nice wedding. Was the food as good?