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May 8, 2010 11:16 PM

Where do I take 15 football fans to eat?

I am from Athens, GA (Go DAWGS!) and we will be heading out to Denver/Boulder for the Colorado/Georgia football game the beginning of October. We have leased a house above Idaho Springs and want to go out for one night to a restaurant in Denver or near Denver that can handle us, since it is closer than Boulder. This is a pretty boisterous group when we've had a few, so we can't do anything too nice. But, we all appreciate great food, local food, local beers and friendly folks. We have all kinds of tastes, but I wouldn't suggest Asian. Just won't happen! A lot of meat-eaters in the bunch as well. I lived in CO as a child and love the green chili with fresh tortillas.
Anyone have any suggestions for a bunch of hungry Bulldawgs from UGA?

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  1. You might like Hacienda Colorado in Westminster. It's big, often loud, and you get big portions of "Mountain Mex" food. It sounds about the right speed for this crowd.

    1. The place is called Interstate. It is located around Santa Fe and 10th. Great food, relaxed atmosphere. Carnivores, herbivores alike will love it. They also have tv screens to catch the aftergame stuff.

      1. Three places you might consider if the green chile fix isn't necessary are Ernie's Bar & Pizza, Lola, and LoHi SteakBar—all nice looking places with good food as well as being very lively/neighborhoody.

        If the green chile fix is a must for this particular meal, you might also consider the more divey Brewery Bar II:

        1. For the time you're actually in Idaho Springs, the Tommyknocker Brewery/Pub is certainly worth knowing about. I've even heard good things about their green chile.