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May 8, 2010 08:48 PM

Three dinners in Palma de Mallorca

Just spent a few days in Palma for work. Capsule reviews here. First night: tapas place on Calle Riera very near the theater. Aimed at tourists with menu in English/German/Catalan, but perfectly adequate. Next night: out with a colleague who doesn't eat Spanish food, against my instincts went to Tokio, a Japanese place on Calle de Miquel Marques. Run by Chinese folks. And you know what? Not bad! If for some reason you're going to eat sushi and udon in Palma, I'd recommend this place. Third night I got to pick, and we went to Forn de Saint Joan, which lived up to expectations; except for the prices, which at 60E per person with lots of wine were not as high as I'd been led to believe. The tapas here were the standouts; we had a dish of perfectly grilled padron peppers, a baby squid and artichoke salad, and -- best of all -- foie gras, shredded, with salt and caramel. The main dishes were very good, but if I went here again I'd order all tapas and share. And for dessert, order Alex's Special (or, in Spanish, la pequena locura de Alex.) It is rare that a dessert can be described as hilarious.

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  1. Am a huge fan of Spanish rice, loved Arroceria Bona Taula.
    For a lighter meal, I also liked the hard-to-find La Bodeguilla on Calle de San Jaime, 3.

    1. Couple years ago when we spent a few days in Palma, we had excellent tapas at La Bovida; tapas were also good was El Pilon and good simple seafood at Rififi.

      1. Forn de San Joan is one of the better tourist places and is always on our list if we go for the weekend. There are also a couple of decent asadors on alleys just off the main shopping street, but I'm afraid I can't recall their names ( I recall they are signposted).

        Cellar Sa Premsa is worth a visit for Mallorcan specialities - lomo con col, frit mallorquina and the like.

        But for really good local food , you need to get away from the city