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May 8, 2010 07:22 PM

Where to buy Kiwi Knives in SGV?

I'm going to be moving to the east coast soon and wanted to buy some Kiwi knives to take with me for my new apartment. I figure if I'm to find them anywhere, it would be in the tons of Asian markets in the SGV. I've looked in a couple (the market on Duarte/Golden West in Arcadia and the 99 Ranch on Del Mar/Valley Blvd), but don't want to have to blindly hit up all of the many markets in this area. Does anyone know where I can find Kiwi knives in specific?

I don't mind buying them online, but if I can find them in a store nearby, I figure I can save on shipping. Thanks!

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  1. bump.
    I was interested in this too. Anywhere in SGV, SFV, LA or Southbay?

    1. Not in SGV, but in downtown LA check with LAX-C.

      1. I saw them in a Vietnamese market in Garden Grove for $2 a piece. If you want the info, I'll dig it up.