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Where to buy Kiwi Knives in SGV?

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I'm going to be moving to the east coast soon and wanted to buy some Kiwi knives to take with me for my new apartment. I figure if I'm to find them anywhere, it would be in the tons of Asian markets in the SGV. I've looked in a couple (the market on Duarte/Golden West in Arcadia and the 99 Ranch on Del Mar/Valley Blvd), but don't want to have to blindly hit up all of the many markets in this area. Does anyone know where I can find Kiwi knives in specific?

I don't mind buying them online, but if I can find them in a store nearby, I figure I can save on shipping. Thanks!

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  1. bump.
    I was interested in this too. Anywhere in SGV, SFV, LA or Southbay?

    1. Not in SGV, but in downtown LA check with LAX-C.


      1. I saw them in a Vietnamese market in Garden Grove for $2 a piece. If you want the info, I'll dig it up.