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May 8, 2010 03:40 PM

Seafood in Danbury?

In a few weeks my sister is graduating from WCSU and we are looking for a nice place for dinner. My father recently moved to California and he would love to have a nice seafood dinner while he's in CT for the graduation. I'm a Hartford County girl, so I'm not very familiar with the Danbury area. Does anyone have any seafood restaurant recs for us?

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  1. The only seafood-centered restaurants I've been to in Danbury are Jim Barbarie's and Atlantic. I can't strongly recommend either. La Zingara in Bethel has good seafood pasta dishes, though, and it's not far from WCSU. Looking at the menu, there's also salmon as a secondi. I recall the last time I was there a friend ordering a salt encrusted whole fish (name escapes me at the moment), so there are probably specials. I like La Zingara far more than either of the restaurants I listed. Hope this helps.

    La Zingara
    8 P T Barnum Sq, Bethel, CT 06801