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Where to buy shrimp on the Peninsula?

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I know that "farm raised shrimp" is bad for me, and terrible for the environment. So apparently I need to venture beyond Trader Joe's for my shrimp shopping.

Does non-farm raised shrimp exist? Where in the Bay Area (preferably on the Peninsula) can I buy it, preferably without paying a Whole Foods markup?



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  1. Try your local Ranch 99 for Spot Prawns, they're alive, on the Monterey Bay good choice sustainable seafood list but unfortunately not cheap. Well, can't have everything.

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      Realize that with fresh spot prawns from Monterey, while delicious, one pound raw will end up 1/4 pound cooked. Try to cook them as rare as possible. We will see less wild shrimp these days, and what you get may taste a bit oily.

      1. re: OldTimer

        OT when prepared properly almost the entire prawn is edible, albeit crunchy. .