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May 8, 2010 02:29 PM

Mi Kfecito Y...?

Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of the Cuban (?) place in Research Blvd., Mi Kfecito Y? I can't find anything about it anywhere. It has the look of a little joint that could be fantastic or not so fantastic, and I'm too lazy to be the advance scout if some other 'hound knows better.

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  1. did they mispell (un or intentionally) cafecito?
    never heard of that word before, but good cuban would be totally welcome.

    1. Where on Research it's very long : )

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      1. re: BTAustin

        You know, the place is so obscure that I can't even locate the exact address! It's about a block over from the Discount Tires, which is at 8219 Research Blvd. (I noticed the cafe while waiting for my tires to be rotated.) So...8300 Research or thereabouts, I suppose.

        1. re: elustaz

          Looks to be a hair r salon, cup of coffee on the sign. Coffee and ....

          Mi Kfecito Y

          8309 Research Boulevard
          Austin, TX 78758-8348
          (512) 491-7960

          1. re: BTAustin

            And it all turns out to be a moot point. I stopped by yesterday to see what was up, and the place appears to be shuttered and in the process of renovations -- in support of what, I have no idea.

      2. Reviving an old thread but we went to Mi Kfecito today for lunch and were petty impressed. The interior is surprisingly nice for its dreadful location. Walking in, I was expecting a sparse interior and harsh neon lights but it is nicer than that.

        The menu is extensive but I don't see a website listed. We shared a Cuban sandwich, ropa vieja, and the beef lunch special. The Ropa was our favorite. Very good flavor and texture, not at all stringy like I've had elsewhere. The beef was a bit boring and oversalted, but pretty good. The cuban was also good but not amazing. I had one from Al Sur last week and like that one better. I make zero claims of knowing what authentic Cuban food is about, but this place seems pretty legit. The only other Cuban I've had in town was at Habana and the Cuban Sandwich shop on the east side and our lunch here was better than those two.

        The lunch special is a great deal for $7.45 you get soup, entree & side of rice/beans and dessert.

        Exact address is 8309 Research Blvd. 78758 and phone number is 512-501-6698. I don't know the hours.

        Please check them out and let us know what you think.