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May 8, 2010 01:59 PM

Searching for the perfect fruit smoothie! Where do you get yours, CT?

Not sure what's come over me, but l've been craving fruit smoothies this spring. I already posted my love for Stew Leonards' pina colada/berry combo, but it's a little too sweet (OK, FAKE). I don't really like "milky/creamy" style smoothies- just fruit juice, fruit and...whatever. No healthy *hit like vitamins/wheat germ/grass or hippie stuff.

In high school, I worked at Everything Yogurt and we made good banana/strawberry smoothies (strawberries/bananas/honey/orange juice).

I'm not above a good cola/cherry slurpee from the gas station 7-eleven, or a red icee, either (are these the same?).

There's a really good smoothie place in the back of the National Hotel on Block Island. There's a Robeks in my hometown (EXPENSIVE/HIPPIE STUFF ALERT). Sadly, no Jamba Juice near here :( I miss the Orange Juluis stand in the New Orleans airport! Island Oasis too FAKE/SWEET.

Where do you get yours, CT?

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  1. Had great smoothies in Seatle at Emerald Smoothie and just noticed one in the Evergreen Square in Windsor/Manchester? It's in that mall that has Pottery Barn and LL Bean.

    1. I don't like smoothies masquerading as a milk shake or "juice cocktail" , loaded with sugar and/or sweetened yogurt. Nor do I want a slushee, fattened up with (cost saving) ice.

      I want just fruit - fresh fruit, organic if possible. And choices of supplements to add are nice.

      There's a Robeks in West Hartford -- I'm not crazy about the product. Ditto for Jamba.

      Best by far is Alchemy Juice Bar in Hartford near Trinity.


      Alchemy Juice Bar Cafe
      201 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

      2397 Summer St, Stamford, CT 06905

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        Crazy Burger in Narragansett, they also make awesome frozen lemonade in alot of different flavors

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          I've heard of this place. What's the parking situation? I work on Asylum next to St. Francis, so I don't think I'm too far, but I'm not really familiar w/the area.

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            It's on-street parking. I've never had more than a 1/2 block walk.

            Good food there too. It's vegan, with some raw selections, but done nicely and satisfying. Good portions. A couple of homemade soups and stews each day.

            If you like their smoothies, which you will, you can buy a glass bottle for refills.

        2. Next time you get down FFD county way, Luncheria Valencia in Norwalk has a variety of juices...you can blend up 2 or 3. I had pineapple mango (YUM!) and my dining partner had strawberry (and melon, I think?)...just juice, no nonsense, and I was very happy with their arepas and empanadas, too. It's on 1/the post road not far from The Lime. Need to get back again soon.

          And right there with you on Orange Julius--that's a big nostalgic fave, too. That's easy enough to play with at home, esp. if you add 43 Liqueur, but that's another topic for another thread. :)

          If you wanna add slurpees in the mix, I have to add a recommendation for my local favorite lemon ice/Italian ice--that's Vecchitto's in Middletown...and I think/I hope they open Memorial Day weekend. Not a slurpee, just straight up Italian ice and the best I know of. Flavors change regularly and can include chocolate, almond, watermelon, grape, root beer...the list goes on.

          Vecchitto Italian Ice
          323 Dekoven Dr, Middletown, CT

          Luncheria Valencia
          172 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851

          1. If just fruit is what you're after try Meli Melo - they are know for their crepes, but have an excellent seleciton of juices and smoothies that they make fresh to order.

            Meli Melo Restaurant
            362 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

            1. just noticed that Target has fruit smoothies- today I saw Mango and Strawberry. Sign says Archer Farms real fruit juice