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May 8, 2010 11:20 AM

Santa Ynez wine

I have taken a few trips to the Santa Ynez area and I am planning to go back soon. I was wondering your opinion about your favorite wineries. I have a wine club membership at Koehler. I really love their sangiovese, viognier(one of the best whites I have had in a long time). Their prices seem pretty good. I also like Zaca Mesa's blends. Rusack's chardonay and pinot. Bridlewood's syrah's. Are there any that I am missing that are reasonable in price?I hear Gainey produces great wines at a good price. I didn't care for Beckman and Sunstone. On my next trip I was going to try Epiphany, Gainey, Foxen, Firestone, maybe Melville and Sanford. What do you think? Thank you!

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  1. If you like viognier, make sure you check out Cold Heaven.
    Palmina makes some nice Italian varietals.
    If you like Foxen, Melville or Sanford, check out Loring.
    Epiphany's owner also works at Fess Parker wines and they tend to be reasonably priced.

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      A few years back I had a Viognier dessert wine from Cold Heaven.
      It was, er, heavenly.

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        I absolutely love pinot from Sanford, Foxen, and Melville, and I would throw Foley and Alma Rosa into that mix as well. We really enjoy Fess Parker's pinot, as well as some of their other wines. If you are into Rhone styled blends, check out Tercero. Larry who owns Tercero is also an assistant wine maker at Fess Parker.

        I love Brian Loring's high octane pinot, but not sure I would put them in the same league as those mentioned above. To me, they are a bigger style, but I absolutely love them. Solid wines year in year out! -mJ

      2. I'm a fan of Stolpman. All of the wineries you mentioned trying this trip are good ones.
        Brander does a very nice Sauvignon Blanc. I agree with Steve about Cold Heaven.

        1. Roblar's wines are great too, especially their Pinot Noirs.

          1. Qupé makes some very solid Rhône styled wines.

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              Totally agree. Check out their Marsanne....great summer sipper! -mJ

            2. If you have time do taste wine AND have dinner, drop into Hitching Post in Casmalia or Solvang. Excellent restaurant and they produce some very reds, especially Pinot Noirs.