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Craft or special dinner for son

Coming in Tuesday for 1 dinner to celebrate my son's 2 1/2 year odyssey attempting to find a job in a new field of choice (he starts Thursday). He suggested Craft but I don't know anything about it or how good it is. Does anyone have an opinion or another better alternative? Thanks.

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  1. I think Craft is a terrific choice. Take a look at their website so you can get a sense of the menu. The room is also very comfortable in a casually elegant sort of way. Tables are not too close together and they have plenty of room for all the shared dishes that they do so well there.

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      Seconded what gutsofsteel said. If you don't get the tasting, I find it works really well with a party of 4 all sharing dishes. You get to try a lot of the menu that way.

    2. Craft is wonderful - smart and delicious. Excellent ingredients. Hen of the woods mushrooms are terrific. Enjoy!

      1. Craft is awesome! I second the recommend for the hen of the woods mushrooms. What's amazing is that Top Chef Judge of Doom Chef Tom Colicchio's food philosophy is nowhere in fuller effect than at Craft- take perfect ingredients and do what you need to do in the kitchen to make them the best versions of themselves. Simplicity reigns supreme. Also, I haven't been in a while, but when I was there they gave muffins at the end so you had an awesome breakfast the next morning too!


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          Was there last night (April / '11) -- we got muffins.

        2. Craft is awesome and I highly recommend it as on of my favorite restaurants. Everything there is delicious and it is a wonderful place to go with a group as you can share many dishes and have a fun time.

          The menu does change with the seasons and quite often, however they usually have staples on it that are always there. My recs are:

          Crispy bacon (incredible pork belly) and whatever pastas they are featuring for appetizers.

          Porterhouse for two, short ribs, roasted carrots, gnocchi, potatoes au gratin, assorted mushrooms. Also, if they have it the corn and bacon risotto is one of the best sides I have ever had and is one of those cannot miss.

          For dessert, their pastry chef is talented. Chocoloate souffle, pain perdu, their ice cream, whatever fruit crumble they are featuring.

          Everything there is great you cant go wrong. Enjoy it!!!

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            they dont have the corn and bacon rissoto now but the garlic rissotto is pretty good. and yes the pain perdu is awesome, especially with their ice cream lol.

          2. Craft is one of my top places for a high-end meal in NYC. The food is simple and delicious, and Gutsofsteel nailed it with the description of the room as "comfortable in a casually elegant sort of way."

            1. I love Craft, but i wouldnt suggest going to Craft if it is just you and your son. I think it's better with at least a few people. Everything is kind of family style so it's meant to be shared. But if your son and you have similiar tastes it would be better. For example if you guys like meaty, earthy things. the short ribs and mushrooms would be a good pairing. But if your son wants seafood and you want red meat you could be getting too much food since you would want sides to match with your mains. Also I find Craft to be a bit safe, by safe I mean the food is a little simple but it's very well executed. So if you won't exactly get anything that would come out of wd50.
              My favorite items from Craft are the Jerusalem artichokes, donuts (they come out pipiing out and are like crack when dunked in their ice cream), sweetbreads, and pork trotter (deliciouss, but watch out for the layer of fat though)

              1. A perfect choice.

                I have been there a few times recently. The short rib with some hen of the woods mushrooms is a great, though rich, treat. The octopus is very good, as are the sweetbreads. Heck, everything I have had there has been very good.

                The lemon tart on the dessert menu right now is very good. Also, get the donuts and the coffee ice cream. Dip the former in the latter. You will be very, very happy.

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                  NB: the original post was from May 2010.

                  I do love those donuts though.

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                    ah, yes, someone above bumped and I didn't notice.