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May 8, 2010 08:22 AM

Pikanya Brazilian Steak House -- new in Pt. Richmond

I just noticed yesterday that the former 25 West has become Pikanya Brazilian Steak House. Has anyone tried it yet?

As 25 West, this place served some Brazilian food, including a fairly decent feijoada, but otherwise was undistinguished, and that's putting it mildly. They served perhaps the worst hamburger I've ever eaten that wasn't White Castle. I'm wondering if the ownership remains the same, but they have decided to concentrate on what they do best -- Brazilian. And "steak house..." - do they feature churrasco?

Because of my experience with 25 West, I hesitate to be the first to try Pikanya -- hope someone else will go first!

Pikanya Brazilian Steakhouse (formerly 25 West)
25 W Richmond Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

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  1. So ... you can't walk in the door, look at the menu and ask if it is the same owner?

    I was wondering about this thinking that the town couldn't possibly support two Brazilian joints. The problem, I think, with 25 West is they clung to most of the menu of the previous owner to keep customers. That was a mistake. They still had the best feijoda of any place I tried in the Bay Area. It was one of the few places that didn't dumb it down by removing, um, lesser eaten pig parts.

    Anything going on with the Chinese joint next to Up and Under Grilll? When I left they were closed for remodeling ... and we know what that usually means.

    1. Well, these were my observations yesterday evening as we drove through town about 7:30ish ...

      Hotel Mac, Kao Sarn, The Baltic, and The Up and Under all had customers. Annie's Mexican Restaurant doesn't seem to be open. Anyone know more details?

      Pikanya was not open. Not sure when they serve dinner - maybe Saturday nights only? No idea about their menu or current owners. Come on Mike, be a sport - BE first! :)

      My husband saw someone carrying sugar into the Chinese restaurant (Red Pepper) yesterday afternoon about 4pm, so I presume they are open. I didn't realize they were closed for remodeling.

      There were balloons placed around the carpark at Symphonie, as if it were a grand opening or something. They had a board outside that read "WE OPEN MAY 7-10". I'm not quite sure how to interpret their board ...

      RW, something you will miss this coming Wednesday is the return of the Farmers' Market in the Point. Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm, May 12 through October 27. I hope Sara's Pies will be back! The annual stroll is also happening the same day, food samples and wine will be offered by the local restaurants that are participating. There is supposed to be entertainment as well, should be a good time.

      Hotel Mac
      50 Washington Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

      Sara's Pies
      1225 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA

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      1. re: AntarcticWidow

        Yeah Mike, take a hit for the team (smiley face)

        I really miss the little fruit stand at the end that sold garlic, strawberries and sweet peas. That garlic lasted me quite a while.

        A strawberry thread on the General board had me take the plunge and buy some strawberries from the supermarket in Guatemala. They make Safeway Driscoll berries seem like heirloom berrries. Well, there is a lot of sugar here. There's always liquidos. Have a strawberry for me, The tropical fruit is fabulous, so I know I;ll be complaining about that when I get back to the Bay Area.

        Good to hear Red Pepper may have really been remodeling. Isn't Annie's only open for lunch ... and during the week?

        1. re: rworange

          I'm under the impression that Annie's has closed -- I'll check it out today to be sure. If so, not a great loss. Annie doesn't seem to have much luck -- this is at least her third place in the Point. I believe she's a Korean American immigrant, so maybe she ought to try Korean next time. I would like that.

          Okay, I will check out Pikanya first, if I must.

      2. I went to the farmers' market / Point Richmond stroll Wednesday afternoon. The weather was mild, lots of good music and people enjoying the activities.

        First things first ... Sara's Pies was not there. I spoke with someone in the Farmers' Market tent and they said she has retired from baking, not enough money in it. Her website hasn't been updated since July 2009. The market people say she has another job, preparing taxes. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

        Annie's Mexican Cafe is definitely gone. A family-run restaurant in Rodeo, El Sol, is expanding to the Point and taking over the space. It will be interesting to see how things turn out. They hope to be up and running in a couple of weeks.

        Pikanya/Pikanha Brazilian Steak House. I spoke with the hostess/waitress. She explained they are the same people as before, but the menu is different. They are going for a churrascaria experience - meat selection consisting of beef, lamb, chicken, pork, chicken hearts - complete with an all-you-can-eat hot and cold buffet, lunch and dinner. The menu reads:


        All you can eat meats with hot and cold buffet
        $15.95, Monday - Friday lunch
        $21.95, Monday - Friday dinner
        $21.95, Saturday - Sunday, all day

        Express lunch - to go

        Rio plates - $9.50 (fish, chicken or beef)
        Sandwiches - $8.75 (choice of meat on french roll, w/fries or salad)
        BBQ - $11.50 - 3 types of meat, rice, beans, farofa and salad
        Feijoada - $11.50 (Saturdays and Sundays)

        The menu/flier she gave me has a couple of coupons, a "10% off" and a "6 or more 1 free".

        They are open seven days a week. During the weekdays they have a break between lunch and dinner. On the weekends they are open all day until late. I am reasonably sure she said 9pm but it could be later. Kind of hard to remember all the details, especially after the martini I had at the Mac.

        Pikanha's Brazilian Steak House
        Mon-Fri: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 9pm
        Sat-Sun: 11am - 9pm

        El Sol
        224 Pacific Ave, Rodeo, CA 94572

        Sara's Pies
        1225 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA

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        1. re: AntarcticWidow

          Cool. hope the steak house thing works for them. It would be the only one in the East Bay, I think

          1. re: rworange

            So, I was curious. Has anyone tried this place yet? If so, how does it compare to Cleo's in San Bruno?

        2. I was in Pt. Richmond on Saturday looking for something to eat. I remembered the Brazilian place from awhile back and decided to go get some feijoada. I had no idea they had recently changed their set-up to a churrascaria style.

          We got lots of goodies from the self-serve bar, which I usually don't go for at Brazilian places. I think they put way too much mayonnaise in everything and their salad itemsare usually too bland and fattening for my taste. But I did enjoy everything I got - spinach salad, potato salad, veggies, dolmas (?!), and of course rice and feijoada. Their farofa is authentic (made with real pieces of dried meat) but I was surprised to see there was no couve (collard greens). I was pleased, overall, with the bar items.

          Then came the meat! They started us off with bacon-wrapped nuggets of chicken breast, which were to-die-for! I limited myself to two, but caved in for a third later on. All of the meat was cooked to our taste (they asked us ahead of time how we preferred our meat). It was tender and juicy and full of flavor. The absolute best part of the entire meal was the picanha. It was so delicious, I wished I had come to the restaurant alone so I could just sit in the corner, close my eyes, and be alone with my picanha...mmmm...the memories are still very vivid :D

          They also brought cooked bananas during the meal (very good) and bbq'd cinnamon pineapple after the meal. The pineapple was good, but could have been a bit sweeter.

          I am really excited about this place! I never eat churrasco because the closest place is way out in SF, and costs an arm and a leg. Pikanha was reasonably priced, the service was incredible (so friendly and attentive), the food was really good, and it's such an easy trip to get there! 580 almost never has traffic.

          They did mention that their busiest day is Sunday because that's when all of their Brazilian clients come for feijoada, so you might want to try a different day so you get the best service.

          I highly recommend Pikanha. You will be happy, and you're supporting a family-owned business. Win-win!

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            1. re: sydthekyd

              Unless there has been some drastic change AntarticWidow posted this upthread 2 weeks ago.

              1. re: wolfe

                Any more reports on this place? Am thinking of going sometime this week.

                1. re: calalilly

                  Just went there for the first time today with a co-worker. Loved it! They have a cold buffet (pretty much a salad bar) and a hot buffet (mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of beans, toppings, beef stew, chicken stew, etc...) and the meat.
                  Let me say....if you're not a carnivore, pass on this place. If you are, it's a definate go! You get the works (all you want of whatever you want) for about $15. You grab a plate and pick up a few things from the buffets, then every few minutes a server comes by with a skewer of freshly cooked meat and asks if you would like some. You say yes, and he starts carving off a thin slice. Not too thin, but not thick either...there's a lot more coming. You have tongs at your plate, and grab the piece off of the skewer as he's slicing. We had tri-tip, pork loin roast, beef roast, chicken wings, sausage, and more....all wonderfully prepared and delicious. They also brought around plantain pieces fried in a sugar sauce, which was wonderful. A very nice experience, with friendly people and great food.

                  1. re: antiquarian

                    An early dinner there tonight. Overall, nice, and a deal for $21.95. Now, for details:

                    My only other Bay Area churrascaria experience was the one in San Mateo, and this was far more delicious, albeit less elaborate (much smaller buffet, less meat choices).

                    The buffet: A somewhat small selection, which is good. Better to have fewer decent things than vats'o'crap. Rice and feijoada, salad items, a few other hot dishes.

                    The meats: We had sausages, lamb, bacon wrapped chicken, cheese-stuffed steak, 2 kinds of garlic beef, chicken wings, and another beef type of sorts. Passed on the chicken hearts. No pork tonight.. Overall, pretty tasty - a few things were great. Only one was forgettable (the lamb).

                    The pineapple was good, the bananas were very good.

                    Service was really nice. The wine list - well, not really much of a list. They have about 4 things to choose from. I don't know how much they'd charge for corkage, but if you want a decent wine with your meat, you might want to bring your own. That said, what we drank was fine enough, and a relative bargain.

                    This is not gourmet food, it is not exciting nor really creative, nor will it win any culinary awards. Nothing is organic or sustainable (that I know of) nor was grown on any special farm. It is a simple neighborhood place with art for sale on the walls, and service as personable as I've had in ages. Even the occasionally-screaming kid didn't bother me.

                    I hope they make a go of it. Don't go with anyone who doesn't eat beef and pork. Even the chicken is wrapped in bacon.

                    $21.95. Stuffed. Tasty.


          1. Dear ptrmike and rworange,

            It's been over a year and neither of you have recently commented on Pikanha, so I'm presuming you've not tried the place out yet. RW has an excuse, she's been out of the country - but Mike - you live here.

            DH and I ate here last night after attending the first of the 2011 Point Richmond Music Festival Concert series. We intended to eat at The Baltic but the were pretty slammed so we headed down the street and around the corner. There were two or three tables already seated when we arrived.

            There is no question this is definitely the place for the carnivore persuasion. I thought the cold and hot buffets were fine. There was certainly enough variety, and at another time I could likely make good with just their hot and cold buffets. From the cold buffet, I had took a "polite" portion of their cole slaw, sliced beets, artichoke hearts, chickpeas and rounds of what I thought might be hearts of palm, but turned out to be something else, not sure what. From the hot buffet I opted for rice (with farofa sprinked on top), DH took the smashed potatoes, we both had the feijoada. Can you say "ummm ..."?

            After we sat down the parade of meat began. Grilled sirloin steak, top sirloin, tri-tip with cheese, tri-tip with garlic, chicken breast wrapped with bacon, roasted pork, roasted lamb were brought out one at a time, circulating through the dining rooms. No chicken hearts. We missed the linguica and chicken wings - a large table that got them all. By the time the second round of sausage and wings came around, we were stuffed. Everything was well seasoned, not too salty for my taste (I have a low tolerance for overly salted anything). A plate of fried bananas showed up at the table. I could have eaten a couple of plates of those by themselves. Also loved the grilled pineapple sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, a new taste treat for me.

            You can control when they come to your table with the little cards they provide, "sin, por favor" (green side) or "nao, obrigado" (red side). They also had a jar of peppers on the table, little round red ones, yellow corn-kerneled sized ones, and small green ones. I asked if they had malagueta peppers and she brought a jar of those as well.

            They have a small selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I wasn't crazy about their house caipiroska (vodka, instead of cachaça), maybe they used bottled instead of fresh limes???

            Service is very friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere is relaxed. There was some gaiety at one of the larger tables. Judging from the lei around the young woman's neck, I guess she just graduated from high school and was celebrating with her family.

            According to their website, they serve "authentic Brazilian Feijoada" on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Their prices are still the same after a year, still a deal at $21.95 for dinner, $15.95 if you just want the buffet. One caveat ... don't overindulge on your plate, there's an additional $10 charge if you have a plateful of uneaten food left or if they have to pack it up for you to take home. Just sayin'.

            RW, when you're ready to take your appetite south of the hemisphere, definitely go here for a bite.



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            1. re: AntarcticWidow

              I've been going there about once every other month, and enjoy it. My opinion generally hasn't changed (sometimes some meats are better, other times, other meats are better, sometimes everything is great) - we simply bring our own wine, and pay the corkage. A really friendly place that only becomes friendlier once you are a repeat customer.

              As far as the drinks go, they only have a beer/wine license so who knows what is in the faux-caipirinha.

              1. re: AntarcticWidow

                Thanks for reminding me. Glad to hear it is still in business. I did think they had the best feijoada I've tried in the Bay Area. I had it prior to them changing to the steakhouse format.

                Peeked in Restaurant Goiano a Brazilian joint that I think is new in the strip mall near Wendy's on San Pablo near Macdonald. Didn't look too exciting but I was there at closing time.


                On the website they write "our specialities from Central Brazilian Cuisine ... the State of Goiás and Goiânia city:" Looked pretty standard stuff to me, though. They do offer green pumpkin which I haven't seen before.

                They open at 5am which might be something to keep in mind.

                1. re: rworange

                  Thanks for the new find. Is this the old Sahib Indian restaurant location?

                  And btw - welcome home. :)

                    1. re: kc72

                      Have you tried the new Chinese joint in the same strip mall, New Wing Kee BBQ Express? The take out menu and steam table didn't look exciting, but the bbq meats in the window ... pork, duck, chickens ... looked good. One of those bbq items is yellow ginger chicken which is a new one to me.

                      1. re: rworange

                        No I haven't, didn't realize it had changed owners/names again