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May 8, 2010 08:21 AM


Guys, any recommendation for eateries in this new mall? Has anyone tried Thai Thai?

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  1. My favourite eatery there is Ippudo, the 2nd overseas outlet of the Japanese Ramen King's chain of restaurants. Go early, at least before 12 noon, if you want to avoid queuing.
    Wild Honey all-day breakfast place is also very nice, thougfgh not cheap ($75 for 2 persons) but I like the Tunisian breakfast set. NY set is also nice with sturgeon omelette and bagels with cheese.
    I have not tried Thai Thai - it looks nice. A friend tells me it's a Malaysian-owned place. Not cheap.

    1. I have not tried Thai Thai, but my friends thought it was pretty good.

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        I just wanted to thank you FourSeasons for all your honest and actual reviews. I just came back from 3 days in Macau/HK and had some of the best food i have ever eaten EVER because of your indepth reviews. Thanks alot and keep eating :-)

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          Thanks for the compliment. I am glad my past reviews did help you. Perhaps you can start a thread to tell us the restaurants you visited in Hong Kong/Macau that impressed you so much.

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            I second Fourseasons! Would love to read where and what you ate!