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May 8, 2010 07:43 AM

Smithwick's in Memphis?

We're going to Beale Street and would like to know if any of the bars in or close to the area serve Smithwick's. I've already contacted Silky O'Sullivan's and was told they don't carry it.

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  1. I see it in plenty of local grocery stores and beer stores, but don't see it on tap at bars very often. Flying Saucer probably has it - not on Beale Steet, but close. They have two or three hundred beers in stock with a large number on tap.

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      Just returned from Memphis. Flying Saucer doesn't have Smithwick's, and the bartender said we wouldn't find any in the area. Walked down the street a bit to the first convenience store and there it was. Probably wouldn't have looked if not for your advice, bulldogx2, thanks.