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May 8, 2010 07:27 AM

Skewed skewers

Grilling season is upon us and I have the same old problem. I use simple metal skewers for certain items and the food is always spinning around on them, so it's hard to get the food to cook evenly.
Does the group have suggestions on a brand or type of skewer, or any other tips or advice which can help?

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  1. For somewhat larger things, like shrimp, I've used two skewers parallel to each other. Picture one running through the head end of several shrimp and one down by the tails.

    1. I have found that most meats do not spin on soaked bamboo skewers, even shrimp but like c oliver, I use two skewers for larger shrimp.

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        I just thought about the fact that our metal skewers are actually flat "blades" like swords. They're probably 40-50 y.o. as they were my MIL's. But the food doesn't spin.

        1. re: c oliver

          I have seen the blade types used in Mediterranean cooking{Turkish kababs,Lebanese grilling} but have never seen them here in the US, but then again I never really searched them out.

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            Never thought of flat ones! These will do nicely. Thanks.

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              You're very bad for linking to that site :) Can I send you the bill?

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                I'll pay yours if you pay mine!

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                  No deal. Somehow I don't think you're not gonna stop with skewers :)

      2. +1 on the flat skewers. They're infinitely better than the round(ish) ones for grilling chunks of meat. I got mine off

        1. I have three very long flat skewers (32"?) that I got, I think, in some ethnic grocery shop a few years back. They're great. I wish they didn't have wooden handles, because that's no good for direct heat. But they work well, still, with the Weber kettle grill. The blades are fully a half inch wide, so they're not suited to small things like shrimp.

          1. Well, someone has come up with a better idea.
            We came across some grilling skewers made of 3/32" stainless steel pre-formed cable. They have a loop on one end and a fixed probe on the other. With meat and veggies strung on the cable, the loaded cable can be dangled, loop-side-down, and formed to fit onto the grill any which way that works best, straight out, serpentine or circled--with the probe end extended over the edge of the grill grate, if you wish. They are really long--30 inches! Sufficient to load enough food for two on each skewer. Manufactured by Inno-Labs (, the Firewire won a kitchen accessory award last year.

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              The Fire Wire skewers are Featured at Williams-Sonoma this month.

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                Interesting (and cheap). Has anybody used these things?