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May 8, 2010 06:55 AM

Mexican Wedding Cookies? Suggestions yummy, affordable party favors?

Does anyone have any reccommendations on where to find Mexican wedding cookies in the area? Or any other yummy treats?

I'm on a tight budget and can't afford anything pricey. I am looking to find some yummy party favors for my wedding that I'd package. Suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Mexican wedding cookies are really easy to make and you can freeze them. There's a million recipes around the internet. My favorite recipe comes from the very first Silver Palette cookbook where they're called Butterballs. Make several batches over time and its very doable. Mexican wedding cookies are probably my favorite cookie of all.

    1. It's not food but for my wedding I made a contribution to a food pantry for my guests rather than handing out favors that I thought people would just discard. The charity provided me with the place cards.

      If that doesn't work for you what about going to a Costco or Christmas Tree Shop and getting candies that you bag up with a pretty ribbon? Or box up homemade truffles. Or peanut brittle.