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May 8, 2010 06:13 AM

Italian Food in Paris

Looking for great Italian restaurant in Paris. Hope for great food and upscale or cosy atmosphere. Cost not an issue. Thxs.

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  1. I always liked Paolo Petrini on the other side of the Arch.

    1. Dell Orto on Rue Saint-Georges

      1. Pasta e Basta on the esplanade des Olympiades. Sormani, rue du général Lanrezac. Cibus.

        1. We like La Taverna, in the 7th, but it is not a "destination" restaurant. I can't think of any that I would rank at that level in Paris. You don't have to leave the USA for great Italian cooking, and Dr. T can point you in the right direction in Italy.

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          1. re: Oakglen

            Pasta e Basta is a destination for me. But I would nevertheless agree that Italian food is way better in Italy than France.

            1. re: Oakglen

              La Taverna is a destination for me for vitello alla limoni. Another favorite is Mori Venice Bar across from the bourse.

              1. re: Laidback

                Hi Laidback, that is what I order at La Taverna too. Very dependable, quality dish.

            2. Ah, could I suggest a 49 E ticket on Volare.

              Ok, Ok, Mori Venice Bar, a really nice, classy place. Whoops my idoil, Laidback already suggested it.