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Italian Food in Paris

Looking for great Italian restaurant in Paris. Hope for great food and upscale or cosy atmosphere. Cost not an issue. Thxs.

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  1. I always liked Paolo Petrini on the other side of the Arch.

    1. Dell Orto on Rue Saint-Georges

      1. Pasta e Basta on the esplanade des Olympiades. Sormani, rue du général Lanrezac. Cibus.

        1. We like La Taverna, in the 7th, but it is not a "destination" restaurant. I can't think of any that I would rank at that level in Paris. You don't have to leave the USA for great Italian cooking, and Dr. T can point you in the right direction in Italy.

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            Pasta e Basta is a destination for me. But I would nevertheless agree that Italian food is way better in Italy than France.

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              La Taverna is a destination for me for vitello alla limoni. Another favorite is Mori Venice Bar across from the bourse.

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                Hi Laidback, that is what I order at La Taverna too. Very dependable, quality dish.

            2. Ah, could I suggest a 49 E ticket on Volare.

              Ok, Ok, Mori Venice Bar, a really nice, classy place. Whoops my idoil, Laidback already suggested it.

              1. I have not tried so many italian restaurants in Paris, but one of my fondest restaurant memories is a dinner I had at La Casa Campana, in the 7th some years ago, when settling in Paris.

                I remember the food and really think it was good, but all in all, it may have well been the atmosphere that made the meal magical, with the owner singing to old cheesy tunes...

                I've been afraid going back ever since, but you know what, now I have to make the most of Paris before leaving for real, I think I really want to go again.

                That said, it's not upscale in any way.

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                  Michelangelo, 3, rue Andre Barsaq, (a little street perpindicular to the funiculaire halfway up the mountain to Montmartre ) is good and fun.

                  The friendly and jovial chef, who I think is from Palermo, mans his ten seat restaurant and by himself waits the tables, opens bottles, and serves the arancini, pasta with sardines, cannoli and other Sicilien fare that he cooks in the open kitchen. Good wine. Good prices. Pretty with nice deco, but perhaps not cosy or upscale