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May 8, 2010 05:31 AM

Private Dining Room for 14 guests

I'm hosting a surprise party for my wife early next month, and am looking for a restaurant with a private space for a little over a dozen people. I'm not looking for something ridiculously high-end, but upper mid-range is fine, bistro, etc. would be great, and inexpensive/ethnic would also be ok - Indian or Greek, etc. Just looking for a nice space and a competent kitchen. If anyone has a suggestion of a suitable venue in Montreal - please let me know.

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  1. I just discovered that Graziella (on McGill, in Old-MTL) have a couple of private rooms downstairs, you could give them a call.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Maximilien, thanks so much for the suggestion. The reviews I’ve found online are a little uneven, but I do like the idea of Old Montreal, and I appreciate the lead. I’ll probably swing by for a lunch and give it a test drive. Thanks for the idea – it’s greatly appreciated.

    2. Hi Erich,

      May I suggest Devi, an Indian place on Crescent? Last year I had my wife's birthday celebration there and it was pretty good. Excellent Indian.

      It's not downscale and it's not prohibitive, but I'm sure you'd be able to arrive at some compromise with the owner, who was was a nice guy.

      Their website is at and they have a section on private dining.

      Good luck

      1. For ethnic, Chez Chine in the Holiday Inn Chinatown is quite nice. It's actually a lot classier than the Holiday Inn location suggests and they have private rooms. At the higher end both Ferreira and Bice have very nice private dining facilities and can nicely accommodate a group your size.

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          Doesn't t Ferreira's private room accommodate about 60 people? And, if so, wouldn't a party of 14 feel kind of lost in it?

          Ariel consists of several rooms. The garden room -- my memory is that it seats about 20 -- would be a great romantic venue.

          BYOBs are another possibility.
          - Outremont's Christophe has an upstairs room that they use for parties and overflow. The decor's not quite as fancy as downstairs but the food and place settings are.

          - Occupying former flats, Humeur (the former Yoyo) and Pégase have rooms/spaces that can be taken over by a party of 15 or so. They may not be entirely private, however.
          Humeur's on the corner of Marquette and Gilford. Can't find a website.

          - And a party of that size could just about take over L'Entrepont.

          1. re: carswell

            Carswell, I think you're right! I was last there with a group of 20-25 people and it was very nice. But for 14 people it may be too big.

          2. I recently had a bachelor party at Vinizza on Jean Talon. They have a private room upstairs the restaurant. You feel like your eating in someone's Loft appartment, with an open kitchen, and a very long table right in front of the kitchen that easily fits 20 people. The kitchen has a large island where the chef cooks and plates all the food. We had one chef and one waitress that served us the whole night. Give them a call, I'm sure they will show you the space. I would definately think of this location on our next family gathering.

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              I am overwhelmed by the great ideas here - and have also found the list of private dining rooms elsewhere on the site to be a great source of inspiration. I'm going about checking out some of the more appealing suggestions now - thanks so much for your help with this.

            2. Coincidentally we were researching places to go this Saturday with 14 guests as well, and stumbled on this post. Our parameters were similar to yours, and we narrowed the options to these BYO restaurants that we hadn't tried before:

              Le Quartier General - Would only be able to seat groups of 6 or fewer. The nice gentleman who answered the phone said anything larger would overwhelm the restaurant with noise. We agreed that, yes, we'd be noisy ones!

              Le Poisson Rouge - Again no to such a large group.

              La Pegase - Not on this (any?) weekend, but maybe on Thursday if we spoke to Vincent Chatelais (the chef/owner). Unfortunately Saturday is our only possibility as we're from Toronto, and in Montreal only for the Victoria Day weekend.

              Humeur - No problem. We're booked!

              Hope this info helps.