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May 8, 2010 04:02 AM

Dog friendly in Ithaca?

Inexpensive menu, casual atmosphere. Doesn't need to be in Ithaca proper. Thanks!

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  1. I was waiting for someone more informed to chime in, but ...
    Isn't it illegal for dogs to be allowed in restaurants in NYS? I'm a dog lover, but just sayin'.

    1. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've seen many people eating out with their dogs even though Ithaca is filled with dog lovers. Your best bet is obviously somewhere with outdoor seating, so what immediately comes to mind is the commons. Simeon's, Ithaca Ale House, Mahogany Grill all have outdoor seating and may allow dogs to be tethered nearby. Madeline's also has outdoor seating but I'm not sure they would allow it since they're more upscale.

      If you're looking for casual, Ithaca Ale House would definitely be a good choice. The food there is really good, typical American/bar food. Collegetown Bagels on College Avenue is also good for an outdoor meal. They make sandwhiches and have soup, and premade salads.

      Mahogany Grill
      114 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY 14850

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      1. re: tinery

        if u are in thaca best place to have lunch with ur dog is state diner, the burgers are awesome and ur dog will love them too!!!!

        1. re: tinery

          I've always found the Ale House to be very overpriced for the quality of food. I've also had really poor service. Now when I want a burger and a beer, I go to the Bandwagon Brewpub on Cayuga Street (no outdoor seating, though).

          I think outdoor seating is the only way you're going to be able to bring your dog, and even then, you may still have some trouble finding a place. Sushi O Sake next to the Ale House has outdoor seating and is my favorite sushi restaurant in town. Viva Taqueria on the corner has limited outdoor seating, too, but the food can be hit or miss sometimes. The Ithaca Bakery on Meadow Street has some outdoor seating, too, and a huge menu.

          Is there anywhere up in Collegetown? Does the Nines have outdoor seating when the weather is nice?

          Ithaca Bakery
          400 N Meadow St, Ithaca, NY 14850

          Viva Taqueria
          101 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY 14850

          1. re: writergeek313

            The Nines does have outdoor seating, I forgot about that place. My friend from Binghamton loves going there for pizza but I'm not big on deep dish.

            Weird, I've never had a problem with Ithaca Ale House and I think their burgers are great! I agree with you on Sushi O Sake, they have the best sushi in Ithaca but that's really not saying much because most of the other Japanese restaurants are awful (except maybe Kyushu).

            1. re: tinery

              I went to Collegetown Bagels(downtown) with my dog. They were so nice there. They brought water and an all natural dog treat for my dog. He appreciated that!

        2. Hi tracyk. So was wondering where you went. I am going this weekend(sudden trip) and have to take the furchild. Would love suggestions besides the Collegetown Bagels. Thanks.