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May 8, 2010 03:45 AM

Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ in Lake Worth

Tried out "Sheila’s Famous Conch and BBQ" on 12 Avenue South and U.S. 1 in Lake Worth.

I was VERY impressed.

It's basically a take-out window (MC/VIsa okay) with an outdoor, covered ultracasual dining area. Caribbean music and decor, smoker billowing smoke. Not in the greatest neighborhood but clean with polite service.

Basically two sides to the menu, the BBQ side (ribs and chopped pork) and the Seafood side (mostly conch, fish and shrimp).

I like that there are many portion sizes for each entree and also meal / ala carte options. So for example you can order just 3 ribs, or a small plate of cracked conch only.

Friend got the ribs, they were very big and very good IMHO. Not baby backs, these we thought were smoked perfectly with a bit of a char on one side but not totally falling apart.

I ordered cracked conch and conch salad. Cracked conch excellent - tasty, not oily, and served with a nice dipping sauce. Superb conch salad - small but the lemon or lime marinade was busrting with flavor and freshness. I ended up dipping my cracked conch in the leftover juice.

Prices VERY reasonable. I'll be back this weekend to try more. (Conch fritters, conch chowder, chopped pork...)

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    1. Wow that all looks great. I adore conch. Did they have grilled/scorched conch or any other conch dishes that aren't fried?

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      1. re: OysterHo

        I don't recall grilled/scoched conch (you'll have to go to Calypso for that).

        I believe they have Conch: Cracked, Fritters, Salad, and Chowder.

        I may go back for lunch today, if so I'll shoot a photo of the menu.

        1. re: CFByrne

          Calypso has awesome scorched conch, that's exactly what I was thinking of lol.

          Thanks, let us know!

      2. Made a return visit, had ribs again plus Conch Chowder and Conch Fritters.

        Ribs were good again IMHO but I'm going to leave a real BBQ review to experts. :-)

        Fritters were not bad, I've had worse I've had better. Mostly dough of course but there were the occasional pieces of conch and the dough was reasonably tasty. I'd like more if they added some onion and peppers to the batter, let them get carmelized and then you have something interesting going on. Good portion for the price. Better selection of hot sauce would also help here.

        Conch chowder (they call it soup) was excellent. Quite unusual, not tomato-ey at all. It had some dark deep flavors, almost like Ox Tail soup or something. Lots of potatoes and small bits of dark conch but the star here is the broth. If your looking for Manhattan Clam Chowder you won't like this but if your interested in something different, highly recommended. See photos below.

        Service was good although they could have given me my soup while the other stuff was cooking, instead they waited about 10 minutes and it all came out at once.

        1. Went to Sheila's last night, they were great food. My friend and I ordered the cracked conch with sides of mac-n-cheese (good), conch fritters(doughy but flavorful,Good dippin sauce), collard greens(very good),but the star was the cracked conch, the batter was light and did not get in the way of the of the star the conch. light citrus marinade in the background and good much to like. We also ordered a half slab of ribs but to my dismay there were out and there were some on the smoker but would not be ready in time, so we ordered wings and they were very good a 12 piece (i think) was full of big wings. On a separate note I would like the owners to know that the young lady that served us at the window was amazing as I ordered and was told that there was no ribs to be had, she seemed to sense my displeasure and let us substitute a couple of the sides that were not part of the meal for the ribs. You cannot believe how amazed i was, this young girl understands how a good business is run. I predicted great thing for the restaurant and the outside patio and music just perfect with the food.I will jump on the Sheila's Bandwagon great food great staff great fun

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          1. re: pikiliz

            Glad you enjoyed it Piki, I know you have high standards for Floribean treats.

            Thinking back on my experience, I'd have to say this place has perhaps the best cracked conch I've ever had. I also was impressed with the very easy step of having an order-taker/cashier who is actually friendly and has a customer-oriented outlook.

            1. re: CFByrne

              speaking of Floribean do you know anyone that can smoke fish for me I just don't have time to smoke my own anymore ,it is all I can do to catch it

              1. re: pikiliz

                Piki, If you can get some to me late in the week (Thu/Fri/Sat) I will be glad to smoke some, 50/50 deal, Try me out, people do rave about it. Prefer Spanish or Kings but I'll do almost anything.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  sounds good going fri for kings will let you know

          2. The original comment has been removed