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May 8, 2010 12:24 AM

Help me document some good eats between screenings

Hi all -- some of you may remember I posted a list of restos and the ones I tried during the Vancouver Int'l Film Fest last fall here:

Well I'm heading to Doxa this week and next and wondering if there are any new or tried and true that I missed. The theatres are Pacific Cinematheque (Howe near Davie) and VanCity Seymour near Davie) so walking distance is a huge plus.

A few new (to me) ones I'm eyeballing:

Calli Mexican 1102 Davie at Thurlow (604) 633-9950

Joyeux Cafe (551 Howe Street btwn Dunsmuir and Pender) which has Vietnamese specials apparently (though it is a bit of a hike, like La Taqueria far


Gyudon on Robson near Richards

TIA for any ideas... lunch or dinner or snacks...

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  1. Been to Joyeux a couple of times.

    This is for Joyeaux - that's their spelling. First time I had what they call a creped pancake. Pretty good - but then I'm a sucker for anything with squid. Second was the pho. It was just alright. I've come to the conclusion, though, I'm not much of a pho fan.

    It had high ceilings and felt kind of sterile.

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      Only one real find during this year's event -- I will post on it soon under its own topic.