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May 7, 2010 09:53 PM

Kelowna - suggestions?

Headed to Kelowna with the in-laws next week for a week. Got a coupla date nights with the hubby while the in-laws babysit. Any suggestions? Have been reading about Raudz , Waterfront Restaurant, Apple Grill. Also interested in a winery restaurant. Summerhill? Mission Hill? Quail's Gate? Would love your opinions!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Damn i love that bakery with those savage sandwiches, Wild fire ?

    Been awhile since i have been in the in region. Check out Okanagan based Jamie Maw does some food words for them

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      Hi! Ate at Quail's Gate last Friday. We were a group of 4 girls, varying ages. We decided to just have appetizers/small plates that included oysters on the half shell, carppaccio, crab cakes, mushroom risotto, rabbit gnocci,spinach salad and scallops. We shared some chardonnary and rose wine. Everything was fresh and tasty and we left satisfied but not bursting. The place was busy but the service was very accomodating and friendly. Will return next time we are in Kelowna.

    2. Thanks Gaseous Clay for the link - good info!
      And Happy Eats - your meals sounded divine!

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        As we get closer to summer Kelowna is a special place - there is so much outstanding local produce coming from a fantastic agricultural region, and many of the places on your list take full advantage of that. At Summerhill they grow almost all of their own, organically, and Quail's Gate has also started to follow suit, with their own garden growing by the year. So when the winemakers and the gardeners are working hand in hand you can get some terrific pairings. Mission HIll will be opening for the season on the 14th, and while it looks like "Lunch only" for most days this summer, Travel & Leisure magazine rated them among the Top 5 winery restaurants in the world in an article two years ago. Having been there on multiple occasions, it is easy to understand why.

        For the non-winery restaurants, Raudz and Waterfront Wines both celebrate the region well with excellent local sourcing and some creative ideas, and note that Bernard Casavant has taken over the kitchen at the Wild Apple (Manteo), which will elevate them to a similar level.

        Once upon a time a poster put up a long and self-indulgent summary of a summer in the area - That is probably a lot more reading than you or anyone else should want to sift through, but that really is a special region, and we wanted to give a proper shout-out.

      2. As a displaced Okanagan girl, I'm jealous/homesick reading this thread! I worked 4 summers at Quail's Gate during university and my brother completed his chef training at Mission Hill - both are excellent, QG is a bit more relaxed and I think the view is better... but MH's food is amazing.

        I usually try to hit up Bouchons bistro (to pretend I'm in Paris) and The Greatful Fed (for lunch/breakfast - and it's really kid-friendly). Raudz is also a must.

        The Farmer's market near Orchard Park Mall on Saturday mornings is a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to talk to local farmers - there's great coffee and a truck selling an array of gourmet snacks... And the kids can run around and watch the buskers.

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          Went to Bouchons on Mon evening thanks to Clairelizabeth's mention of pretending to be in Paris and it was amazing! Did not disappoint! Loved the ambiance and service. I had the fr onion soup to start (as I'm a sucker for onion soup) and it was divine! Gorgeous, rich broth with just the right of amount of cheese. Then I had the bouillabaise which was perfect. Nothing was overcooked and the rouille was beautiful! Hubby started witht he pate which was smooth and rich, served with cornichons imported from France and lovely candied onions. So good! (yes I stole some!) and then he had the mussels. He said the broth was so good he was ready to tip the bowl back and just drink it! They also brought a lovely baguette to the table. Very nice crust! We wanted dessert, but were ready to explode after all that food so we made a plan of action for our next trip.

          Have also been to the Farm Market - what a selection! And such a huge variety of street food! Why can't Vanc offer that?

          And have hit up the Okanagan Grocery and they make some pretty amazing artisan bread! Bought what they called the grocery loaf and a block of local smoked cheddar. Yummy!

          Headed to Raudz tonight!

          1. re: elevenses

            I'm so thrilled that you went to Bouchons - those cornichons are amazing!

            How was Raudz?

            1. re: clairelizabeth

              Raudz was great! We went with another couple and it was an ideal setting for that. Like a step up from the Joey's/Earls kind of restaurants. Loved the chandelier at the entrance and the communal table. Nice brick walls and hardwood floors.
              I split the crab cake with hubby as I didn't want to hurt as badly as I did after Bouchons! I loved it. Nice and light without a ton of filler. Could actually taste the crab and the cabbage/radish slaw added a really nice crunch. I had the pasta which was rich and so comforting. Hubby had the mussels again b/c he wanted to compare it to the mussels at Bouchons. He said they were good but not as good as Bouchons (in his opinion). There were about 3 different desserts that I wanted to taste, but that didn't happen. Again, gonna have to map it out for my next visit! If we lived in Kelowna, we definitely saw Raudz as a place we'd go to with friends on a regular basis, and Bouchons as a place that's just for us.
              We still have yet to make it to a winery restaurant! So much to eat and so little time!