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May 7, 2010 09:33 PM

Charleston next week -help narrow choices for us and two 20 somethings with girl friends

We will be coming to Charleston May 15-22. I came to Spoleto 2 years ago with my sisters. We ate at Peninsula Grill, Cru Cafe, Tristin's, SNOB, Magnolias and Hanks. None of the family coming with me this time has ever been to Charleston. Husband and 2 sons with girl friends, 25 and 23 years old. We will be staying on Daniel's Island. Husband is history buff (esp Civil War), one son wants to take girl friend to water park since she is from NY and has never been to one. We are from AL, and changed our vacation plans from Destin, FL to Charleston at the last minute because of the Gulf oil spill. The condo has a grill and we hope to find some fresh shrimp and fish to grill (any ideas?) in addition to eating out at some great places. We would probably go to the beach one day, Sullivan or Folly? Sullivan appears to be a good bit closer. Any good places at either beach, or should we pack a lunch? Husband wants to see Hundley and probably Ft. Sumter. Aything around either of them? I loved King Street shopping last time, but alas, the 3 men are not shoppers, though we will have 2 cars. What about the deep sea fishing for the guys? Sorry, this is off the food subject. So far I am thinking for lunch Cru Cafe (loved it last time), Amen Street Raw Bar (a couple of them love raw oysters), Five Loaves, maybe Magnolia (liked this last time for brunch) or Hominy Grill. For dinner, McCrady's, Bowen's Island, FIG, maybe Trattoria Lucca Sunday dinner. How is Fast & French? I guess we could just as easily go to Mt. Pleasant as old town Charleston, so what are the recs there? Oh, and the kids might want some happening bar scene (cheap) and music.

Thanks for your help! Gail

McCrady's Restaurant
2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Peninsula Grill
112 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

Five Loaves Cafe
43 Cannon St Ste A, Charleston, SC 29403

Trattoria Lucca
41 Bogard St, Charleston, SC 29403

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  1. You may want to post your basic tour questions over on Tripadvisor so you don't get deleted. I can help you with food choices here.

    Fresh fish and shrimp can be bought at Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant. I get my shrimp from a shrimper. If you want to do that, PM me on Tripadvisor screen name shanklemsw. Otherwise go to Raul's. There's a farmer's market on Tuesday evenings near there, so you might want to go there too. It's at Moultrie Middle School at 4 pm.
    Oyster season has ended so any raw oysters you get will be from off, but Amen is a great choice. Sullivans and IOP are both nice and not far from Daniel Island. Folly is a little further. Both will be crowded on weekend days during the weekend, If you choose Sullivans, go to Poe's (best burgers) or Seel's(great seafood and sides) for lunch, Atlanticville for dinner. On IOP Sea Biscuit is great for lunch, Huck's or Boathouse for dinner. Nothing near either the Hunley (on the old Navy Base in N Chas only on weekends)or Ft Sumter-you have to take a boat from the Historic District, so you may want to plan lunch downtown that day. Fast and French is great. So is High Cotton.

    Water parks are at the County Parks, so if you google Charleston County Parks you'll see your choices.

    Sea Biscuit Cafe'
    21 J C Long Blvd, Isle of Palms, SC 29451

    Atlanticville Restaurant
    2063 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Thanks for the info. We were thinking of Altanticville too. Too many restaurants! We actually might eat out only one meal per day.

      1. re: glecroy

        Atlanticville is GREAT but I also highly reccomend High Thyme on Sullivans for dinner or Sun brunch !

        Atlanticville Restaurant
        2063 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

    2. I agree with a lot of Sue's choices. Sullivan's will be a lot closer to you on Daniel Island than Folly, but both are doable. On Sullivan's I like Poe's Tavern and Home Team BBQ, the twenty-somethings will like either, and you have the choice to sit outside at either. I am personally not a fan of Seel's, I think there are better fried seafood places around, and I have never been to Atlanticville but I've heard good things. If you go to Isle of Palms, try Huck's Lowcountry Table you won't be disappointed.
      If you do wind up going to Folly, definitely plan it so you are there for dinner, Bowen's Island is one of my favorite restaurants and has one of the best sunsets in the Lowcountry. It is no frills fried seafood.
      The one point I do disagree with Sue on is there are good restaurants near the Hunley in Old North Charleston. There is Sesame, burgers, EVO, pizza, Madra Rua, Irish pub, and Cork Bistro, new but again I have heard good things. Call on any of those for hours.
      FYI, you can also take a boat to Ft Sumter from Mt Pleasant, and Boulevard Diner is close by, comfort food with a twist. They are also open for breakfast, and have a wonderful crab cake benedict, plus if you save room they have wonderful desserts.
      For brunch I like Hominy, just know they do not take reservations, and I have never been to Magnolia's. However, I would think Hominy is much more laid back, more of a neighborhood spot than Magnolia's, which I would consider more formal.
      Lastly, I like Fast & French, but I consider it more of a snack spot than destination dining. It's good but not great, although they do have french press coffee.

      Poe's Tavern
      2210 Middle St, Sullivans Island, SC

      Atlanticville Restaurant
      2063 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

      Boulevard Diner
      409 W Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

      Home Team BBQ
      2209 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

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      1. re: lizzy

        Thanks Lizzy! One of the kids wants to visit the tea plantation on Wadmalaw Island. How is the Tomato Shed at Stono Farm Market? It might be on the way. I saw that on a previous post. Looks like we could buy the shrimp there. We'll be in a condo and will eat some sandwiches, fruit and yogurt, plus cooking the shrimp and fish there, so we have way too many restaurant choices!

        1. re: glecroy

          It's been about a year since I've been to the Tomato Shed, and it was good. I can't remember what either my mom or I had, but I do remember she said it was one of her favorites from that trip to Charleston. You can buy local shrimp there, I believe they have their own trawlers.

          Since you will be in a condo, you might also want to check out the Boone Hall Farms store. They grow a lot of their own produce, and if they don't grow it might come from a local source. Also, there is a seafood counter and a meat counter which are outposts for local stores.

        2. re: lizzy

          Girl, you are right. I guess I just wasn't thinking of the great Sesame, et al as close to the Hunley. But all of those are not far away. And I adore that neighborhood. You see it often on Army WIves.

          glecroy, I haven't been to Stono Market in years. It used to be great. I heard it changed hands so I have no idea how it is now, but then the had the best tomato pie ever. The Tea Plantation has started having events, so check out their website for doins.

          and lizzy is right about Blvd Diner. Many locals frequent BD, so you may have a Mt P cop sitting at the nest table. Also close by is Locklear's which I love.

          I know there are too many choices, but we want you to be able to make informed decisions! Have fun and keep us posted.

        3. I know you have not mentioned BBQ and you may not be interested but there are several outstanding places in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. Mama Brown's, Sticky Fingers and Melvin's are nice.

          Mama Brown's BBQ @ 1471 Ben Sawyer Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC. 843 - 849 - 8802. *
          Sticky Finger's BBQ @ 341 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 843 - 856 - 7427. *

          Sticky Fingers is a small regional chain with 3 stores in the area. Also Home Team and Jim & Nicks in town just north of Market are nice. I really like Sticky Fingers on Meeting St. It's in a historical building with outstanding atmosphere.

          Home Team BBQ @ 1205 Ashley Rd., Charleston, SC. 843 - 225 - 7427. *

          Jim N Nick's Barbecue @ 288 King St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 577 - 0406. *
          Melvin's Southern BBQ & Ribs @ 538 Folly Rd., Charleston, SC. 843 - 762 - 0511. *

          Sticky Finger's Rib House @ 235 Meeting St., Charleston, SC. 843 - 853 - 7427. *

          I would also like to suggest Gullah Cuisine in Mt. Pleasant just E. of I 526 on 17. I can't tell you what Gullah means but I have a good idea. It comes from the early slaves that settled in the area. I'm not sure if it's a dialect or maybe a tribal name. Anyway the food is outstanding.

          Gullah Cuisine @ 1717 U.S. 17, Mt Pleasant, SC. 843 - 881 - 9076.

          If your husband is into history then you should visit Mt. Pleasant. I suggest you take the young ones and your husband to Boone Hall Plantation just NE of Mt. Pleasant at Hwy 17 and State Rd. S 10 97. It's on the right several miles from # 17 and it is where North/South was filmed in the 1980's. Visit Christ Church on the right before you turn for Boone Hall Christ Church was built in 1708 but fire destroyed it several times. It's got a lot of history and worth the visit.

          I second High Cotton and Magnolia's. My favorite's are Peninsula Grill and Charleston Grill. I like SNOB and FIG as well. I really like Hank's but not like a lot do. I hope you have a great trip. Bon Appetit.

          Home Team BBQ
          1205 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29407

          Peninsula Grill
          112 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

          Charleston Grill
          224 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401

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          1. re: Littleman

            Thanks Littleman. Not so interested in BBQ as we can get great pulled pork and ribs here in AL as well as chicken with an awesome white sauce.

            1. re: glecroy

              Try to get to Charleston Grill. I believe it's on the same level as many NYC fine restaurants I have been to. Peninsula Grill is just about same level. HIgh Cotton is a great lunch place.

              Wrong board but what's your favorite AL BBQ places. Surely it's not Dreamland. Big Bob Gibson's? My son lives in Huntsville. You seem to have a lot better BBQ in AL than we do in MS. Best in MS is proably a joint in Oxford, Hick's and Abe's in Clarksdale then they go down hill after that.

              Take em all to Boone Hall Plantation.

              Good luck.

              Peninsula Grill
              112 N Market St, Charleston, SC 29401

              1. re: Littleman

                I prefer Mr. Crite's BBQ on Snake Road out in the middle of nowhere near Athens to all the others. My other favorite is Chuckwagon in Madison on Madison Blvd in front of Old Time Pottery. Both of these are little hole in the wall places. Chuckwagon has brisket, which I have never liked before getting it there. Big Bob Gibson's in Decatur is better than the other Gibson's in Huntsville in my opinion. I don't think Dreamland is as good as Mr. Crites for ribs. The sports folk rave over the Tuscaloosa Dreamland. I went before it ever made TV. It was quite an interesting place back then. Son went to school in Tuscaloosa and also has favorites other than Dreamland there.

                1. re: glecroy

                  Send me an email at littlemanattecinfodotcom. I don't think Chowhound likes us talking off the subject. I would love to discuss Madison with you. Thanks.

          2. Hey, lets get back on topic here...

            So are there any good beer pubs or bars for getting a lot of micros and possibly good food too? A quick check on ratebeer didn't really show much except for the Charleston Beer Exchange, but that's just a beer store.

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            1. re: thelecroy

              # 1 Microbrewery in the South they Say..............

              Southend Brewery and Smokehouse @ 161 East Bay St., Charleston, SC 843 - 853 - 4677. *

              Here's a good link for beer bars info in Charleston.


              1. re: thelecroy

                Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place on King Street, has an excellent selection of draft microbrews. Lizzy mentioned EVO in North Charleston above, they've got great beer selection - only about 5 drafts but a great bottle selection. On the same street the Mill also has an extensive bottle list.

                Anywhere you can get Coast (organic microbrew from North Charleston) is probably going to have a decent selection - here's a list of where they sell it:

                The beer situation is a little weird due to SC law, but we've definitely been getting a better selection of good brews in the last couple years.

                Edited to add: Just noticed you'll be on Daniel Island. Might want to check out Two Rivers Tavern for good beers and nice atmosphere.

                1. re: DoubleBaconVeggieBurger

                  I would mention that between Mellow mushroom and EVO...the pizza at EVO is worlds better, IMHO.

                  1. re: danna

                    Oh, I definitely agree with that, I just assumed they would be more likely to be downtown, and I just checked out MM's rooftop bar the other day so it was on my mind. Mellow Mushroom is good, but EVO pizza is in another league.

              2. Mt. Pleasant........

                The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene @ 106 Haddrell St., Mount Pleasant, SC. 843 - 884 - 0052. * LUNCH.


                Red's Ice House @ 98 Church St., Mt. Pleasant, SC. 843 - 388 - 0003. *


                Red's Ice House
                98 Church St, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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                1. re: Littleman

                  The Wreck is not open for lunch. Red's is fun for cocktails, but the food is just ok. The view however, is great.