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May 7, 2010 09:07 PM

Raw grassfed/pastured meat, eggs and dairy in Northern VA?

I can't find a single mainstream source of such products. Searching through Wegmans, wholefoods, trader joe's etc, you see the typical organic, cage free, free range stuff, but I want the real deal - raw unpasteurized, pastured, grass fed, forage fed stuff. I feel like I'm going on a treasure hunt just finding these things, and I just find it extremely depressing that in 21st century America, you can't even find the real thing anymore, something that would be thousand times more available in third world countries and perhaps 50 years ago. I've heard Organic Valley sells pastured butter that's actually unpasteurized (is that even legal these days), but so far I haven't had any luck finding it. Apparently it's only available during the summer, perhaps it's not available yet? Has anyone been able to find it in the past, perhaps at a local grocery store?

Does anyone know any good local sources? Or am I not looking hard enough?

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  1. There are a number of farms in VA and PA. Most of them sell frozen meats at many of the local farmer's markets. Cibola has pork and bison, and is one we go to quite often. But there are more and you can most likely get unfrozen meats.

    Fwiw on the dairy side we got our first drop-off from South Mountain Creamery yesterday. Just checked their site and they at least have ground beef.

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      On second look they have a whole butcher section.

      But there are quite a few more options as well. For instance - near Wolftown, VA I know there's a pork producer you can buy from. Outside of driving to the farm I'm not sure where they sell. Maybe just in the Richmond area?

    2. Try to find farms in the area that do it and then see where they deliver. It is hard to find in the NoVa area and sometimes easier to pick up or have it delivered, if you live in a bigger area. As DennisS said, farmers markets are a good place to find them. I have found them at the Whole Foods in Fair Lakes but haven't been in a while.

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        Whole Foods is pretty well represented these days with local meats. They have a grass fed beef program, a local grain finished beef program, a local lamb program {Mt Airy MD for the Maryland and DC stores for example, one small farmer who butchers 95 head a week}. I am not sure of their pork. This is all fairly recent. While I do not like their grocery dairy and veggie decisions to support large scale brands, their meats are on the right path.

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          It does depend on the WF you frequent. I normally go to the one in Springfield where I have found none of that, as meat goes. The dairy is better, milk from more local farmers (Pennsylvania) and humanely certified eggs, if not local. There is locally roasted coffee. But, the one in Fair Lakes seems much better, and it does have the space.

        Grass fed beef, lots of cuts but we stick to the roasts, no veal
        Pork, turkey, chicken, eggs quite tasty
        Had gotten the raw dog food and they loved it, but couldn't let it thaw out, pretty rank stuff...AND DON'T HEAT IT UP !!

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          Ahh I totally forgot about polyface! We learned about it in my environmental policy class this semester from Michael Pollan's book "Omnivore's dilemma". Their farming models is absolutely brilliant. I just order a bunch of stuff from them a few days ago. I just wish they also sold dairy products as well.

        2. In this same vein -- are there any other local farms that deliver meat in addition to South Mountain Creamery? I am trying to buy a gift for someone of a "meat box" and would love any advice/suggestions.

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              Thank you - perfect for what I was looking for!

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                There is a farm tour planned for this weekend in Loudoun Co Va
                It is on the site.