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May 7, 2010 08:01 PM

Tonkatsu eatery without seafood options?

I am deadly allergic to shellfish but I love love love Japanese food otherwise. I am visiting late this summer and doing lots of food research, as you can see, it will be a challenge eating in Japan without cross-contamination. Does a tonkatsu restaurant exist at all in which there are no shrimp items on the menu? I fear that they will be frying the tonkatsu in the same oil as everything else, and that would result in my potential death. Not good.

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  1. Yes there are, but there's no guarantee that the cooks didn't make themselves some fried shrimp for lunch. If it's a matter of life and death, then I'd suggest that you limit your dining in Japan to international hotels where you can explain your situation, well in advance, to the staff, in English.

    1. I believe Tonki only has pork on the menu.

      Also note that besides shrimp, most tonkatsu restaurants also serve fried oysters.

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        Butagumi only serves pork, I believe. And yes, Tonki only has pork on the "menu", which is basically a guy asking you if you want hire or rosu when you walk in. (Not quite, there is actually a menu board, and you can order kushikatsu and other things, such as pickles).

      2. Futaba in Ueno has only two things on the menu... tonkatsu either a la carte or teishoku. So that might work out for you. Very succulent tonkatsu, but still wasn't worth the price. It was like 2500yen.

        Yeah it's pretty hard to find a tonkatsu restaurant that doesn't serve fried shrimp. I've had great tonkatsu teishoku bunch of times for less than 1500yen at other places. So Futaba wouldn't be worth it for me. Maybe Tonki is cheaper.