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May 7, 2010 06:44 PM

Need Food Porn Photos

My final for my web class is to create a web site for a business, as you probably would guess I have decided to create a web site for a restaurant that only exists in my head. I don't have experience with flash, just limited Javascript. With that in mind I'd like to use some great photos for slide shows and the home page. I've been perusing Flickr and sites like food porn daily . I'll be uploading to the school's server and not to my own site. I was thinking the restaurant might be a cross between American comfort food and rustic/peasant french cooking, but could evolve into something else. Probably some good pictures of restaurant interiors and staff and patrons would be good as well. Any suggestions for photo sites are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. You may have no experience with flash and just limited Javascript, but I don't know poo about either! Here's my favorite site that has a lot of food porn that leads to a lot of great linked blogs:

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      I don't know poo of either but the Pioneer Woman's site always make me hungry. . ..

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          wow, these are great sites. I found several potential photos. Pioneer Woman is very informative as she has an interest in Photoshop. Thanks for the suggestions.

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          In the same vein and the Serious Eats blog also have a food porn section

        3. What about good old google image? It's never failed (though often surprised) me.

          1. Just remember that in many places online you probably need to ask permission to use the photos.

            1. did you find some photos? I have tons of photos of a restaurant, The Penguin in Charlotte NC, it would make a great sight. You can see a photo album on Facebook, search for Poprock Photography, then find the album The Penguin Drive In. you can right click my pics and save. If you click on my profile, I have a lot of pics on Chowhound too.

              1. The original comment has been removed