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May 7, 2010 03:59 PM

Restaurants near Chicago Theatre

need help with a good restaurant near chicago theatre, something thats a walking distance is preferable. I plan on going to a show at 7 so something thats open late around 9 or 10. Thanks for the help

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  1. You'll find recommendations in these topics:

    They were in response to requests for places near the Oriental Theatre, which is just around the corner from the Chicago Theatre.

    1. Top of my list would be Atwood Cafe or the Gage.

      Atwood in the Burnham Hotel at State and Washington is closer, but not by much. It's a creative kitchen in a hotel restaurant. I've only been for lunch, but the food was delightful and the service attentive.

      The Gage is a gastro-pub on Michigan Ave. across street from the Art Institute. It's fun and a bit noisy. Highly creative and seasonal food and really interesting artisanal beer list, but IMO not the best of it's type in Chicago.

      The Gage
      Chicago, Chicago, IL

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        The Gage is a bit of a walk from the Chicago Theatre (four blocks south, two blocks east). With the exception of Pizano's, the other places mentioned in those two topics - Petterino's, Atwood Cafe, and Catch 35 - are within a two-block walk of the theater.

        If you're willing to walk as far as the Gage, then I would also recommend Vivere ( ), which serves excellent Italian food, and is open till 10 during the week, 11 on weekends.

        All of these are good places. The choice is a matter of what kind of restaurant you would prefer. Check out the menus on their websites as it might help in your decision.