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May 7, 2010 02:51 PM

Joe Patti's Seafood.

Due to the oil spill I ran to the phone to put an order in for seafood,which was delivered yesterday,as usual the order arrived in perfect condition,but I found out that already a lot of my want's could not be met no blue crabs for instance nor flounder,so I'm wondering if your having problems getting seafood in Birmingham??????
Hey big Daddy I see you live in Birmingham Hi there.I've got to tell you how cheap it was to have this shipped less than forty Dollars for 14 pounds thats including the cooler ice packs and dry Ice 2nd day air and I live all the way in Harrison Arkansas,well to me it was cheap.
Also noticed when we went to Sams club a lot less fish.

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  1. Joe Patti has a place in Birmingham? Is it like the one in Pensacola? That is about the best seafood place I have ever seen!

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    1. re: Clarkafella

      No, no Joe Patti's in Birmingham. I'm a Birmingham resident who went to Pensacola to visit in-laws and raved about the place. IMO: In heaven, every seafood store is like Joe Patti's.
      We have a couple of seafood markets with Gulf connections (or branches), and they're starting to have some problems, too. Also, there's been a run on Gulf seafood here, so it's been even tougher for them to keep the seafood in stock.
      They're saying that even the mainstream stores are raising prices -- and this is for Chinese/ Vietnamese/Thai shrimp.
      It's going to be a rough time for seafood lovers -- not to mention those poor souls whose livelihood depends on the Gulf..

      1. re: Big Daddy

        please put what city your post refers to in your post title so we can better help you!

        1. re: araess

          Joe Patti's is in Pensacola Florida, here is their web site and phone number, 1-800-500-9929 ,Igot my order and am set for quite awhile as I also got a big order several months ago,I double checked with them that they do not sell us any seafood from china vietnam or thailand,just will not buy any seafood that comes from there. Recently one of my friends send me an email that was posted from yahoo wish now I did not delete it,it showed the awful way they farm raise the seafood believe me it was disgusting,and I admit I used to buy shrimp from thailand never never again.
          Like big Daddy I've never seen a seafood market like joe's originally I'm from Miami and they don't have anything compared to Joe's,you all should check it out.

          1. re: araess

            If you don't know Joe Patti's, ain't nothing you can do to help anyway.

            1. re: Big Daddy

              I thought it could be a restaurant opening up in my town. See how it could be confusing?

                1. re: Big Daddy

                  sorry, could you rephrase the question? I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand. Let me know an I'll try and answer the best I can.

          2. re: Big Daddy

            Oh, ok. I was hoping that they had opened a second location! If you ever find yourself in Memphis, the Winchester Farmers Market *might* be a pretty good substitute- they rival Joe Patti's in variety (octopus, skate, eels) and even have tanks filled with live catfish and tilapia and such. I've never bought any seafood there so can't say for sure how fresh the stuff on ice is, but it certainly looks good!

            1. re: Clarkafella

              A good bit of Joe Patti's -- IT'S IN PENSACOLA -- seafood comes off their own boat, so it's super fresh. Joe Patti's -- IT'S IN PENSACOLA, NOT A NEW RESTAURANT IN MONTGOMERY -- also has a coffee shop, wine shot, bakery -- AGAIN NOT IN MONTGOMERY -- fresh vegetable market, plus other items that makes it a one of a kind place.
              Now, saving said that, I wish we had a farmer's market here IN BIRMINGHAM that offered such diverse seafood and live fish. Fortunately we have an Asian market -- IN BIRMINGHAM NOT IN MONTGOMERY -- that offers some live fish, crabs, ,lobster, eel and even bull frogs, called Asian Super Market (NOT IN MONTGOMERY).

              1. re: Big Daddy

                Big Daddy where in Birmingham is Joe Pattis?

                1. re: Mytah

                  @ Mytah and Big Daddy: haha! I just have to chime in and share my ***love*** for Joe Patti's (IN PENSACOLA). There is nothing like it!! Just walking in the door makes me happy.

                  BTW, we got a bunch of Royal Reds last week at Sexton's (IN BIRMINGHAM). Can't even begin to say how great they were. Going this coming week to get more for the freezer...

                    1. re: Clarkafella

                      I think we may be getting close to the referee throwing a flag for "piling on" and assessing us with a 15-yard penalty. :)

        2. I live in Pensacola and I guess I 'm pretty lucky to have a place like Patti's. Our restuarant scene is surely lacking. The selection at Patti's is truely excellent but I have seen his prices rise dramatically over the past few years. I guess all those lawyer bills tryin to keep his tax evading rump outta jail have piled up. but i digress...
          When in Pcola another excellent source for seafood is Maria's on Cervantes. The quality rivals Patti's and the pricing can be better. Just an FYI.

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          1. re: Mytah

            I'll check that out the next time I'm down in Pensacola.