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May 7, 2010 02:01 PM

Root Beersssss

It may be a slight regression on my part, but does anyone know where one can get some of the root beers listed here: http://www.chow.com/stories/10637

I've been buying Virgil's and Henry Weinhard's at Whole Foods, etc. Any other root beer suggestions are appreciated. Not too crazy about Boylan's, and had my fill of Dad's and A&W growing up.

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  1. Don't know where to get the others, but before you give up on Boylan's try the Birch Beer. It is very good.

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      Thanks. I haven't tried Boylan's Birch Beer before. There's a bottle of Fentiman's Ginger Beer sitting on my desk, and so far so good.

    2. had a good root beer float at douugie's dog on granville. they had quite a few root beer to chose from.
      i love root beer but horrible with names. but like you i find whole food(and choices) has a decent selection but obviously not good enough. i would consider urban fare too, but never thought of going there for root beer. Maybe gourmet warehouse? oh have you heard, 'Barq's has bite!!? :-P

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        Thanks. I think Urban Fare only has the Weinhard's and Boylan's. There's a third at Whole Foods that I'm forgetting about that's also quite good. I'm excluding anything that only comes in a can - not sure that it really makes a difference, but I'm a snob that way. A glass snob. Take that, aluminum!

        I'm lumping in Barq's with Dad's, A&W, and (if one can still find it) Fanta.

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          Of the current big brands, I like Barqs and A&W the best. In the premium brands - I took am not a big fan of Boylans (I prefer their other drinks - Black Cherry, for example).

          At Drive Organics they have small selection: Boylan's, Real Brew, Fentiman's (though not "Root Beer" per se - they have a bunch of unusual botanical beers, though.)

      2. 3 thumbs way up for the boylans birch beer. it really IS good !

        fentimans ginger beer is ace as well. london drugs, cold bottle: 1.99 $

        1. Was down in Seattle this weekend, where (of course) there are just that many more options of everything to choose from. Picked up a four-pack of Maine Root, which I haven't tried yet, and a bottle of Old Town Root Beer Company, which is good, but doesn't have the maltiness or creaminess of Virgils, Weinhard's or Real Brew.

          I'll write more when I actually try a bottle of Maine Root, but for the curious few, I have seen it available once at, of all places, Home Sense (the one on Cambie).