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Vivace in Charlotte? How good is it?

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What do folks in Charlotte make of Vivace? We have the original one in Raleigh. Wonder how folks in Charlotte think it compares with other Italian restaurants in Charlotte? So I'll know where to eat Italian when I come to Charlotte, as I actually do every couple of months.

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  1. Never been, but if you want Italian I'd go to Fiamma. Luce and its sibling Coco Osteria are good if you're downtown.

    Coco Osteria
    214 N Tryon St Ste 2, Charlotte, NC 28202

    2418 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

    1. The first time we went we thought it was fabulous. The next time, just fair. It will take another visit to decide. Second Fiamma and also like Toscana

      2418 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

      1. Vivace was a huge dissapointment. Menu looks great and the original location in Raleigh got rave reviews. The apps were just OK but the main courses were terrible. I honestly had the worst rendition of Amatriciana sauce I have ever tasted. I usually give restaurants 2 visits before I write them off but I don't know that I can excuse that sauce and spend the money for a second trip!

        4209 Lassiter Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27609