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May 7, 2010 11:41 AM

First trip to Tat's Delicatessen

I decided that today would be the day to head over to Tat's. Friday morning's between 11-12 is usually a good time to find parking in Pioneer Square.

Tat's is known for a being a cheesesteak restaurant. That fact is made pretty clear by the plethora of Philldelphia sports paraphanelia up on the walls. The menu is straight-forward, easy-to-read, and placed on a big-board above the seating area. Having longed for a good East-Coast style grinder since moving to Seattle, I decided to go for the Tat's Grinder 12" ($13.20 with tax). The service was pretty fast (between 5-10 minutes for my sandwich), but did not lack in quality (or quantity) at all. The 12" sandwich, which have actually been bigger than that, was at least 6 or 7" wide when it was stuffed to the brim with cappicola, ham, and salami.

The sandwich was not made like a true grinder, but was made more like a grinder style cheesesteak. The meat was diced and grilled to warm it up and let the cheese and peppers mix into it. The bread itself was thin and chewable, but tough enough to withstand a fairly oily and heavy sandwich. Overall, the sandwich had a roughly 90-10 ratio, meaning when you take a bite, about 90% actually makes it into your mouth, while 10% ends up on the paper to eat later. This is not a sandwich for those afraid of getting dirty. As wet as the sandwich was, the bread survived long enough to put my drippings back in and finish the whole sandwich.

Overall, the taste of the sandwich was fantastic, although it did take me at least 2 scrubbings to feel like I removed all of the oil from fingers. The 12" could be split between 2 people. The fact that 2 people who saw me eating the sandwich outside stopped to ask me what I was eating, and then proceeded to go and order one for themselves is a good sign.

Next stop: Going back to Tat's to try what they hopefully do best: Cheesesteaks!

Tat's Delicatessen
115 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

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  1. The cheesesteaks are fantastic but the Tatstrami is my favorite sandwich there. Don't miss that the next time you go.

    1. Since I started working in Pioneer Square a few months ago, Tat's has easily become my favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood. I agree on the Tat'strami recommendation, but be warned, it might be even messier than the other stuff on the menu. The fries (fresh-cut and seasoned with Old Bay) are pretty decent too.

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        Boy... this is why i should come to this board more than a few times a year. I am going to head to head to Tat's this week for a Philly. Wonder if they use the traditional armarosa (sp?) rolls?

      2. The New Yorker is a lot of meat; wow.