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May 7, 2010 11:38 AM

Best Seafood in Savannah?

I'll be in Savannah for one night only in mid-May. Living in the desert now, so NO good fried seafood out here... Where can I find the best in Savannah? Thanks!

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  1. Really enjoy great fried shrimp, devil crab, and good fried fish!

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      Will you have a car or does it need to be in the Central Business District.

      For me, the best places I've found are little hole-in-the-walls south of town off of I-95 along the inlets and marshes. The below article captures the best of them pretty well:

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      1. downtown is slim pickings for the kind of fried seafood I think you're looking for. If you will have a car, drive out to Tybee (maybe 20 minutes or so from downtown) for my favorite fried seafood joint, AJs. Try their Buffalo shrimp for a real treat. Great fried shrimp and scallops; oysters tend to be well-prepared but kinda skimpy portions the last two times I've been. Pass on their deviled crab or crab cakes or crab burgers - I really don't know anyplace that makes 'em like my wife's, LOL! AJs also does really nice fish dinner specials. Very laid back Key West style joint.

        For broiled fish filets of various types, try The River House on River Street. Filets are served over angle hair pasta and a nice buerre blanc; make it a memorable meal with a table-tossed Caesar salad and great desserts.

        The scored flounder at Garibaldi's on Congress Street is always a nice meal.

        You can get the signature low-country dish shrimp and grits at The Olde Pink House on Abercorn, the square south of Bay Street.

        If you're stuck downtown and really want your fried shrimp, you can try the Shrimp Factory, also on River Street, but I'm not promising anything special.

        The Olde Pink House
        Savannah, GA, Savannah, GA

        River House Restaurant
        1896 Old Field Creek Rd, Grassy Creek, NC 28631

        Shrimp Factory
        313 E River St, Savannah, GA 31401

        1. Thank you both for your suggestions. I will have a rental car, so I can travel out to Tybee or down the interstate as suggested. I appreciate the help!
          Definitely interested more in the local fried dive as opposed to a "fancy fish" place... Originally from NC, where the fishcamps are on many corners... Really looking for a place where you can get 3-4 choices on a fried platter of some sort...

          thanks again!

          1. I'm back from the trip, and had a great time, food-wise and other-wise...

            Found two places that we really enjoyed...

            First, the "fried" dive we were looking for - not the best, but certainly compared to AZ, we were very happy with Carey Hilliards... Had fried flounder and white fish, very good!

            Second, we went on Tybee Island to The Crab Shack, and thoroughly enjoyed the crab legs, the shrimp, and the deviled crab! Loved the location, decor, atmosphere, etc... but really enjoyed the shrimp and crab. The spice they use to cook it in flavors it just right!