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May 7, 2010 10:16 AM

Dilemna - Gresca, Gelonch with a vegetarian???

After scouring these boards for our upcoming trip to Spain (as I do at home and wherever we travel), we really, really want to try the tasting menus at Gresca and Gelonch. However, typically you have to order for the table and my teenage daughter, who although she has a very spohisticated palate, does not eat meat, poutlry or fish, though she will eat eggs, cheese, non-vegetarian broths, etc. What to do? I can't leave her behind while we go out - is there any chance they will make her the dishes and just leave out the meat? Would that offend them if we ask?

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  1. There is no problem or harm in asking if they would accommodate your daughter. Telephone them in advance.

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      I agree. As long as you give them some notice, I'm sure either kitchen will oblige your daughter.