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May 7, 2010 09:55 AM

Jerusalem Buffet

Has anyone been to the Jerusalem restaurant on Leslie Street which has the buffet? If you have, how is the food? I did a search on here and couldn't find any reviews for that location.

I'm going tomorrow evening with family to celebrate Mother's Day. They also have a belly dancing show as well.


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  1. am also interested to find out, I've always wanted to try it. I've heard from friends that have been there say it was good food. Nice variety, if a little pricey.

    1. Never had the buffet, but the restaurant is very loud especially when the belly dancing show starts and always packed. Their regular menu is very good though. Same menu without the buffet at the Eglinton West location (slightly lower prices too) and a much quieter, more relaxed atmosphere.

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        It has been a couple of years since I last tried the buffet, but I recall it being so dreary that night that I never went back. The cold dishes were better than the hot, and the cold were underwhelming to start. The Eglinton Ave. location, which doesn't do a buffet, is much, much superior (a more demanding clientele, I suspect). Maybe the Leslie St. location will improve the quality a notch or two for Mother's Day, and that will save the day - and if it doesn't, it's possible the belly-dancing will save the day instead. All you can ask of a buffet is that it be at least acceptable.

        Incidentally, I'm positive the Leslie St. location has been reviewed on this board in the past and, if I recall, it got somewhat trashed. But that was a while back. Do another search and perhaps you'll come across the old thread. But don't take it as gospel. Buffets can blow hot and cold. It was certainly cold the night I went.

      2. I have been there several times. The hot food is kind of hit and miss, but I enjoyed the room temp. food. I found the "dips" I think babaganoj, hummus, and yogurt to be great. make sure they bring you the fresh hot bread. I also loved the salads, roasted cauliflower, tabbouleh, falafel, pickled veggies. One time when I was there they had livers, they must have been chicken, I tried them they were nice, but my mother loved them.. She even asked me to bring her back there, but there was no liver the next time we went.
        It's no gourmet destination, but I had no trouble finding lots to eat.

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        1. re: sweetie

          Good ingredients ruined. A large selection, but hard to put together a decent meal. A huge disappointment.

        2. Thanks everyone for your help!

          As some people mentioned, the cold food was good but the hot food wasn't that great. The salads were nice and I really enjoyed the falafel as well, nice and crispy. We did get fresh hot bread, which my 3 year old son loved! I didn't like the rice and my husband found the meat dry and salty. It was really busy and turnover of the food was high but my brother-in-law who eats everything complained that mussels tasted like soap! But my mother-in-law loved the food, she was the one who picked the place and it was for her so I'm glad at least she enjoyed it. :) And my son loved the belly dancer, even though she would go to different parts of the restaurant, my son insisted I take him to see her dance.

          We will definitely try the Eglinton location next time.

          1. We used to go quite often but find the food is like some said, hit or miss. Just not worth the price in my opinion, so we stopped going.

            The seafood isn't that great. I did like the crispy falafel, the whole lamb with rice, some of the cold salads, their beet salad is good and made with fresh beets, I can't remember much else, and we've been there so many times!

            The belly dancer is always the same woman, we took pictures last time when it was my husband's birthday.