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May 7, 2010 09:27 AM

Looking for places around Concordville-Brandywine area

Hi all. Will be in the Concordville-Brandywine area in September with some friends from the UK and wondering what is really good in the area. Prefer Non-Smoking places. Anyplace with a really good beer selection would definitely not go amiss. Thanks

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  1. A little further into Brandywine country is the Whip Tavern. Authentic English style foodand brews,although I think it may allow smoking after a certain hour. OTOH, Your British friends may prefer a change of pace and MkEnzies Brewhouse on202 in Concordville should give them a thrill

    A pleasant surprise is lunch at Longwood Gardens. Food is usually good and a small selection of bottle beer and wine is available

    1. Terrain! The setting is unique in a antique greenhouse and the new chef is fantastic. Worth the trip.

      1. I would suggest either High Street Caffe in West Chester ...great food strong drinks , decent beer selection and you can bring your own wine ...they also sell wine ...really unique cajun creole menu ......
        I would also try the Half Moon in Kennett Square menu and typically a pretty good beer selection ....

        Half Moon Cafe
        7 E Park Ave, Merchantville, NJ 08109

        1. The Four Dogs Tavern in Marshalton (a few miles west of West Chester) has a nice selection of brews on tap, decent food, and a nice outdoor patio. Of course, if it's about the beer more than the food, head into Downingtown to the Victory Brewing Company.

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            I'd second High Street, Half Moon and Victory. I like the Whip and I'd go there for the drive through Chester County horsey country but if I were visiting friends in the UK the absolute last place I'd want them to take me would be to an authentic American style sports bar. Skip McKenzie's too. Take them to Booths Corner- Cajun Kate's, Donut Haven, all sorts of food that isn't good for you...

            Half Moon Cafe
            7 E Park Ave, Merchantville, NJ 08109

          2. fantastic! These are looking like really great options! Currently liking the looks of High Street and Four Dogs.
            Please keep the suggestions coming... RC51Mike I tend to agree with you on the English/Irish pub thought, but could be tempted if there are any that are particularly excellent

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              Interestingly enough, the Four Dogs gets few mentions here on CH, but it's authentically charming and the food is nicely prepared. I really like the open-faced tavern ham sandwich and their burgers; their mushroom soup is a little strange, though -- almost more of a foam than a soup, tasty, but not very appealing in appearance. There's a very pleasant outdoor dining area where folks often bring their dogs along. And there's music several nights a week. A top pick in my book for nearby casual dining.

              1. re: CindyJ

                We ate at Four Dogs once and it was just ok. Ambience by the boatload. I had a decent piece of fish sitting on a pile of mashed potatoes with a sprig of broccoli hidden underneath in one of those massive dinnerware things that doesn't know if it is a plate or a soup tureen. I found that presentation weird. I fell prey to a chocolate dessert as I nearly always do. Chocolate mousse cake or something, and extremely disappointed to find the use of a Cool Whip like product on it. Edible spackle from a five gallon bucket. Inexcusable. Having said all that, it is a nice place to go and would gvie them another chance.

                1. re: RC51Mike

                  I'm not much of a dessert person, and the few I've sampled there have been underwhelming. But DO give the place another chance, and go for the menu items that sound uncomplicated; hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

              2. re: djohnson22

                I agree with RC51 - skip McKenzie's and go to High Street. Another option is Blue Pear Bistro, but not sure how extensive the beer menu is: