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May 7, 2010 09:00 AM

Emeril's & Jaguar

I haven't been to either of these establishments in a while but landed in both this past week and both were still worth the visit.

Emeril's was very slow and we were one of four parties in the restaurant. We convinced them to do the crusted red fish (which isn't on the lunch menu) and it was the very same as I remembered it - excellent! We also tried the fish tacos which were very tasty and the 'citrus sauce' kicked it up a notch! I went out on a limb and ordered the BBQ'd babyback ribs and while these weren't award winning they were EXCELLENT considering the source. We opened up with bowls of the corn soup in chicken stock it was a bit under seasoned but a quick dose of pepper and hot sauce livened it up and quickly. For dessert, we went with the mixed fruit sorbets. The flavors were tart, tangy and lively and the presentation (and imagination) was over the top. The only mild disappointment was the service which we thought was a bit leisurely for a $200 lunch for three. Acceptable but certainly not memorable. Overall, the experience was still very, very good.

Took Moms to Jaguar in the The Grove last night for "Mother' s Day" as I'll be in Ft. Pierce this weekend. This remains one of my favorite spots on the rotation and for good reason - the food is simply excellent. We started off with full-sized order of the shrimp ceviche with the "green sauce". As far as I'm concerned this is a can't miss creation at Jaguar as it features ultra-fresh shrimp and the "green sauce" which is light, tart, tangy and with a bit of zip to it. Delightlfully refreshing and could be a meal by itself for a light eater.

From there I went with the caesar salad with sliced churrasco cooked medium rare. This salad was served at the proper temperature and in a chilled bowl. The caesar dressing was light and had the proper level of 'fishiness' that didn't over or underwhelm. We enjoyed the Yucatan Taquitos and the 3-cheese nachos and again - all with fresh taste and substance.

Service wasn't great at Jaguar but was acceptable and that seems to be a rather common thing here in South Florida. This was a Thursday evening and by the time we left (8:30) it was hopping with action. For what it's worth, we had the same level of service at Michael's Genuine a few weeks back and as I've read this is what really keeps Miami down a notch when it comes to comparing foods and cities.

Nonetheless, both places are very, very solid places to eat and enjoy.


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  1. Next time at Emeril's, try the banana cream pie for dessert. When I lived in New Orleans, I used to stop in once a week just for dessert. The rendition they do down here is equally good.

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      You're right! We had that too!! I just thought the sorbets and the presentation were really over the top!


      1. re: LargeLife

        Was it the andouille crusted redfish that you had them make? That is a great dish. It is funny because the one in New Orleans does not get much attention either, though I always found it solid and reliable, if nothing else (except that banana cream pie, which is one of my favorite desserts of all time).

        1. re: mikek

          Indeed it was the andouille crusted redfish! That's a favorite of mine and I'm glad that they prepared it even though it wasn't on the lunch menu - and given the dearth of customers in the restaurant on that afternoon I wasn't really prepared to take "no" for an answer! (LOL!).


    2. Jaguar is great. It's a neighborhood joint for me and I like to pop in there when I need a quick bite. The service at the bar is always good but the service in the dining room can be slow. I get the ceviche sampler w/ 2 black market, 2 oriental, and 2 nuevo spoons along with a 1/2 portion of caesar salad w/ chicken almost every time I go there. To kick up the ceviche (and the chips/salsa) I ask for the "salsa de la muerte" which is flaming hot. The caesar dressing is one of the best I've ever had and I'm very picky about caesar dressing. Jaguar is a great spot for casual Florida dining and probably the only place with consistent business on the struggling streets of Coconut Grove.

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        I agree BlindMind.....I really like Jaguar......Have always had extremely good food there.....I was there on a Thursday.....and by the time we left at 8:30 the joint was jumping.....Something to be said for that.......I spoke with the owner while I was there......extremely nice and professional......