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Best Breakfast Ideas

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I'm getting so bored with my breakfast routine, even though I do try to change it up throughout the week... However, the regulars are: steel cut oats; scrambled eggs/toast/fruit; yogurt and granola; and occasionally just a bowl of cereal.

Both the SO and I need some new ideas and I would especially like some high-protein breakfast options. However, ideas that don't include meat (and, not to be picky, but we also don't want to be eating eggs or egg whites every day either) are preferable.

Any good ideas out there?! TIA...

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  1. Here's one of a number of threads on the subject:


      1. As I don't feel like looking through all the threads, I'll throw this out there for eggs.
        A small baking dish, rub it with butter, break two eggs into it, pour a small bit of heavy cream, salt pepper and put in a 350 degree oven, or toaster oven for a few minutes, then put under the broiler to brown the top, good stuff.

        1. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/05/spr...

          This would be more weekend that weekday, but I am dying to try this Asparagus Hash from the Smitten Kitchen and will Sunday. Lots of possibilties to experiment with this one.

          1. You guys are great! Thank you so much... I'll have great reading material to get me through the rest of today. :) Thanks again.

            1. How about fish for breakfast? Do either one of you like smoked kippers? Very good for you and you can find "lightly salted" if you are watching your salt, too.
              Good on whole grain toast.
              When you do your eggs, do you add tons of vegetables to them? That's a nice change up, adding red pepper, spinach, onion and helps fill you up on the "good stuff." Or go Greek, with spinach or artichokes and feta.

              1. I think you should look into breakfast smoothies. They are all over the internet but Alton Brown did a show on them so he has some recipes.

                I make breakfast for me and my wife 2-4 times per week.

                I like to make breakfast croissants with sausage cheese and egg. They are quick, cheap and great to eat. I make em probably twice a week.

                At least once a week I make french toast, My grocery stores bakery department makes what they call French toast bread. It's a fairly hardy bread with cinnamon in it.

                Every so often I make waffles. You have your oatmeal. Cold cereal is always an option.

                As someone suggested, you could make a hash. There must be hundreds of different hash recipes out there, you could try a different one every week.

                In the summer, don't forget fresh fruit. Nothing better than melons.

                Finally, you could get a bread machine and make your own breakfast bread like cinnamon walnut or something.

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                  I made Cherylptw's Grand Prize Winning Sweet Potato Hash last night. It was absolutely fantastic. Here is a link to her posted recipe:

                  A definite winner!