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Week in The Woodlands area - Need recommendations

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Will spend one week on business in The Wooldlands area. Can you recommend restaurants that have good food including BBQ, Cajun, Contemporary, and with great wine lists? Will have a car so can drive.

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  1. I like Grotto and I think they have a location in the Woodlands. The only thing I've had there so far that wasn't great was the Shrimp Paillard. I usually get the shrimp scampi (Scampi Grotto) appetizer and a side of pasta and make that a meal. Their shrimp scampi is wonderful.

    I think there is a Perry's Steakhouse in the Woodlands also. The one I eat at in Clear Lake is very good.

    1. I think the Woodlands dining scene has been blossoming of late. I see there is a branch of Cordua's America's up there. I haven't been to that location nor to the original in several years. Also have heard good things about Tesar's and Hubble and Hudson but have been to neither.

      I see there is a Nielsen's Bakery on I-45 in Spring; if that's related to the Nielsen's Deli in town it would be great for sandwiches and their famous potato salad.

      I'm not familiar with any bbq, cajun, Tex-Mex up that way.




      1. Perry's, Hubbell and Hudson, and Tesar's are all good choices. We also have a Grimaldi's Pizzeria that is as good as the original in NYC. Ploy has a great Thai lunch buffet. However, if you are in The Woodlands area, you are in the Houston area and there are so many incredible restaurants, you could stay a month and not hit them all. Be sure to go into town a few times. It is quick and easy and well worth the drive.

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          Can't miss with Black Walnut. Casual, but good food and atmosphere.

          Black Walnut Cafe
          2520 Research Forest Dr Ste 150, Spring, TX 77381