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May 7, 2010 08:32 AM

Week in The Woodlands area - Need recommendations

Will spend one week on business in The Wooldlands area. Can you recommend restaurants that have good food including BBQ, Cajun, Contemporary, and with great wine lists? Will have a car so can drive.

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  1. I like Grotto and I think they have a location in the Woodlands. The only thing I've had there so far that wasn't great was the Shrimp Paillard. I usually get the shrimp scampi (Scampi Grotto) appetizer and a side of pasta and make that a meal. Their shrimp scampi is wonderful.

    I think there is a Perry's Steakhouse in the Woodlands also. The one I eat at in Clear Lake is very good.

    1. I think the Woodlands dining scene has been blossoming of late. I see there is a branch of Cordua's America's up there. I haven't been to that location nor to the original in several years. Also have heard good things about Tesar's and Hubble and Hudson but have been to neither.

      I see there is a Nielsen's Bakery on I-45 in Spring; if that's related to the Nielsen's Deli in town it would be great for sandwiches and their famous potato salad.

      I'm not familiar with any bbq, cajun, Tex-Mex up that way.

      1. Perry's, Hubbell and Hudson, and Tesar's are all good choices. We also have a Grimaldi's Pizzeria that is as good as the original in NYC. Ploy has a great Thai lunch buffet. However, if you are in The Woodlands area, you are in the Houston area and there are so many incredible restaurants, you could stay a month and not hit them all. Be sure to go into town a few times. It is quick and easy and well worth the drive.

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          Can't miss with Black Walnut. Casual, but good food and atmosphere.

          Black Walnut Cafe
          2520 Research Forest Dr Ste 150, Spring, TX 77381