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May 7, 2010 08:29 AM

Yummy World, San Mateo

Noticed that Yummy World opened yesterday in San Mateo. (What a name!) They serve Chinese food. Any brave soul try it out yet?

2212 S EL CAMINO REAL near 22nd ave

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  1. I think the name scares people away. Plus they are in a rather unfortunate location right on elcamino in the middle between blocks so there wont be much foot traffic. I am also waiting on reviews before I visit.

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    1. re: bab4

      Come on Chowhounders, don't let the name scare you. Yummy Yummy(Vietnamese) in SF has a fan and Yummy in El Cerrito has Yelp proponents. What's in a name?;

      1. re: wolfe

        yummy yummy in san leandro comes to mind. (794 -e14th st).
        lots of breading plus lots of sugar = yucky, not yummy.

        1. re: shanghaikid

          There's finally one entry in Yelp about this place. Let's hope more start rolling in.

          1. re: bab4

            Based on that review entry, it seems to be like Crouching Tiger in RWC, where you have a fancy environment with food that is not dumbed down (or so it appears). The name in itself is Chinese it sounds like "future world" but they change the first character to "taste" so in Cantonese it sounds the same, but it is more like the taste of worlds to come. Kind of like how Cooking Papa in Santa Clara played on their name, "ho juu yee" meaning "a good idea", but they changed the middle character to "cooking". With Silver House a few doors down, I wonder how they will fare and compare.

            Silver House
            2224 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

            Crouching Tiger
            2644 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA 94063

            1. re: bab4

              i drove by that area last week and didn't see anything new but than again i wasn't looking. driving on ecr demands a lot of attention to focus on the traffic. maybe next month some time i'll check it out.

            2. re: shanghaikid

              ordered take out lunch specials here a sunday ago.
              -curry chicken
              -kung pao chicken
              -eggplant with beef
              *pricing and service very good BUT taste is elusive, basically msg and sugar. maybe the real chinese food is better.

              1. re: shanghaikid

                I agree. I was disappointed when I stopped by here with two friends because it was en route, Santa Ramen was packed, and I had vague memories of hearing positive reports on chowhound. I ordered the house-special chow mein, as I am not so good at frying the noodles myself. While the noodles were well fried, the fish tasted slightly off and the sauce had little flavor, and left me with the feeling afterward that I had eaten way too much MSG and salt. My friends ordered some of the whitest dishes on the menu--the cashew chicken and honey walnut prawns. The walnuts were quite good, but everything else had that 'lunch special', low-quality quality.

            3. re: wolfe

              I would except everytime I drive by they seem closed. (wkday lunchtime)

          2. Yummy World is yummy! Went here tonight with the family. It is the reincarnation of Jumbo that used to reside in Millbrae. The interior is really nice and modern, with the plus that it isn't noisy. The wait staff was a little overwhelmed as it was a full house. The favorites that we loved at jumbo are here, appetizer of fried beef, calamari and tofu topped with fried garlic and chili peppers, eggplant and fish in claypot, taro fried rice, lobster noodles, salt and pepper pork chop, the ever present shrimp and walnut, fried and braised tofu, and pea sprouts. We ate at Champagne in downtown San Mateo for twice the price last week and Yummy World is way better. They have a to go menu with items at $6.95 for lunch. Oh, and parking in the back alley.

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              1. re: peppatty

                I went back yesterday hoping to try the lobster noodles and buy some discount take-out, but sadly, Yummy World is closed on Tuesdays.

                Yummy World
                2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Good to know about Tuesdays. We just went on Sunday for lunch and they made their plates larger. The initial complaint among the chinese set was the set dinners didn't have large enough portions. We ordered a set for 4 people, minced chicken in lettuce cup, dry fried pork chop, walnut shrimp (for the kids) soup, a chicken platter with lots of vegetables and artfully arranged, and a stir fried beef platter that was quite tasty. We added the lobster noodles and the salt and pepper calamari/tofu/beef appetizer. There were for of us plus two kids and we were stuffed and brought food home. The lobster noodle was a very generous portion for 8.95.

                  1. re: peppatty

                    Glad to hear about upped portion size, one of the other comments from my mom. Also, she didn't want to pay for the daily soup, so we didn't order it at dinner time.

              2. Got up the courage to try them this weekend and exceed our low expectations.

                Very nice modern interior, typical mid range Cantonese Chinese food and reasonable prices. Silver house has to watch out.

                Highlights - Taiwanese basil chicken and clay pot was pretty good, 2nd best to 5Joy.
                Yummy special pan fried noodle was also very good with lots of good quality meats. Pretty low cost steam daily soup at $8.

                Menus, pics, etc:

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                1. So I finally got to try Yummy World today for lunch. I was impressed and will be coming back again to try out more of the menu. Since I went by myself, it was hard to order more than what I did (and I took a doggie bag out). The surroundings were clean and modern. The dishes were actually presented with some thought rather than dumped onto a plate.
                  I ordered the salt and pepper calamari appetizer and the pork with preserved vegetable (mei cai ko ruo) lunch special. See pics below. The calamari was perfectly fired and seasoned. The pork was melt in your mouth, pull out your dentures soft. I could have used more mei cai taste to brighten the dish up, but overall a good rendition.
                  Their lunch menu offers many interesting things... among them a lobster yee mein that I will be coming back for.
                  Yes, Yummy World is yummy!

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                  1. re: vliang

                    Initially it was a bad sign to see a line waiting to get into Silver House two doors down and plenty of empty tables at Yummy World. But I hope YW finds fans looking for very well prepared Cantonese cooking at reasonable prices in a clean, modern setting. Every patron the entire time we were there was Asian on Friday evening. Ordered fried flounder filets over crispy bones, preserved egg with spinach, and clams in steamed egg. (Must have had an egg craving that day.) Each dish was excellent. The spinach was very fresh and grit-free. The steamed egg had that creamy custard texture that's so difficult to replicate at home. Total bill ran $33, which is less than what you'd pay at Champagne or Hong Kong Causeway Bay in downtown San Mateo. YW is a welcome addition to the mid-Peninsula.

                  2. Thank you to the Peninsula chowhounds for sussing out this place. I was there three weeks ago for a weeknight dinner with my family.

                    Less than half full the whole time we were there, noise was not a problem at all for Mom, especially since the tables are spaced rather widely for a Chinese restaurant.
                    This interior shot shows the subdued lighting at night

                    We went with “peppatty” faves, and ordered the Yummy style salt and pepper platter (beef, tofu and calamari), $8.95, to start. A great beginning, this was my favorite dish. The kitchen is expert in frying. So light and delicately crisp, not greasy at all, and the crust stayed crispy and didn’t soften even after cooling down and standing for an hour. We were chasing those golden garlic bits around the platter to finish them off.

                    Honey walnut prawns, $9.95 – The one dish that was a little skimpy in size for the price. But the prawns were so succulent and expertly cooked with a scant coating of sauce. The house-prepped honey walnuts were crispy.

                    Braised string beans with fuyee – We noticed that other tables all had a plate of the dry-fried green beans. Instead of the spicy seasoning, we made a special request for an old-timey version made with fermented bean curd, fu yee. The very fresh beans were cooked well but the kitchen was too timid with the fu yee. Nicely balanced with just a bit of red chili flakes. Still, we appreciated the kitchen’s ability to accommodate an off-menu request.

                    Taiwanese basil chicken in clay pot (aka 3-cup chicken), $9.95 – This dish fell out for me with the mountain of ginger root and overly sweet saucing. The chicken pieces were unidentifiable, randomly hacked, and full of sharp bone fragments, as well as being overcooked and on the dry side.

                    House special pork chop, $7.95 – Not usually big on sweet and sour dishes, but I wanted to try this when I read the menu description that it’s made with special Zhejiang black vinegar and rock sugar. Very nice job, not quite as complex in flavor as Lucky River’s. Yet, the frying job is better here and the meat’s higher quality. Even under the coating of tart-sweet sauce, the very thin crusting stayed pretty crunchy. The pork was leaner and better trimmed of the fatty edges and still juicy and succulent. Butchered better, the more uniform pieces were easier to eat.

                    Braised mix mushrooms with e-fu noodle, $6.95 – Decent flavor but the noodles were too soft. While next-door competitor, Silver House, achieves better yee-fu noodle texture, this dish is priced lower, less greasy and the mushrooms are better quality here at Yummy World.

                    Clams in black bean sauce, $7.95 – Another really good dish with very fresh and plump clams. Oddly, I found this just a tad underseasoned, but the seafood quality was excellent.

                    Mom wants to come back at lunch time when the prices are lower. All in all, we enjoyed the service, food, and setting. Neighborhood prices for an experience that rises above.

                    Lucky River
                    700 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94127

                    Yummy World
                    2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403