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May 7, 2010 08:11 AM

NYC for 30th birthday

I'm hoping to celebrate my husband's 30th birthday with our families in NYC. We live in Westchester so we come to the city often, but I'm not sure what to do with a big group (about 10). I was thinking of doing a Manhattan cruise or going to a place that had dinner and dancing.It has to be a place that accommodates our bars are not possible. I'm flexible with the cost, so please let me know your suggestions. I want everyone to have an unforgettable time. Thanks in advance!

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  1. What's the maximum you're willing to pay? If price is no object, you can probably get a very cushy private room, but that might be totally out of your budget. When you say "accommodates our parents," can you clarify what that means? You want a sit down dinner? Not too loud or crowded?

    Any specific cuisines or neighborhoods? I would avoid a cruise or dinner/dancing place if your focus is on making sure the food is good.

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      Thanks Kathryn. I'm not sure what the budget should be I'm thinking around $125-150/per person max. I want our parents to be comfortable and enjoy as that leaves bars and lounges out of the question. I want the food to be great and also the overall experience, which is why i thought of dancing..or maybe a dessert bar. not specific on neighborhoods, but the food I'm looking for is; seafood, American, spanish, italian. I'm definitely looking for a sit down dinner.

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        You could do the River Cafe in Bklyn; get your boat fix on the ride across the water; live entertainment, to boot:

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          One place that comes to mind is Terrace in the Sky, near Columbia University. Specifically, it is located at 400 West 119th Street. It is elegant and has great views of the city. I don't believe they have dancing, but the last time we were there they did have a live harpist. Yes, it is expensive, but not quite as expensive as other top tier restaurants in NYC.

          Terrace in the Sky
          400 West 119th Street, New York, NY 10027