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May 7, 2010 07:40 AM

Pentagon City

Can anyone recommend restaurants with great food, less formal atmosphere and great prices in the Pentagon City area for thirtysomethings, ethnic fare, and then some of your favorite spots, generally? Looking for some GOOD FOOD restaurants/secret places from now through the fall.

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  1. Not much going on in the Pentagon City area, I'm afraid.

    My top ten 'secret' foods you should know about in Virginia are:

    Taqueria El Charrito Caminante, Goat Tacos
    Bakeshop, Any of the cupcakes
    Cecilia's, Saltenas

    Falls Church
    Myanmar: Ginger Salad
    Lebanese Butcher, Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
    Bay Lo (in Eden Center), Bay Lo 7 Special (shrimp, pork, meatballs in a savory sauce)

    Del Merei Grille, Frickles
    Bombay Curry Company, Tandoori Wings

    Vit Goel (aka Lighthouse Tofu), Soon du bu
    Shiney's, Chaat Papri

    Lebanese Butcher & Restaurant
    109 E Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA 22046

    Eden Center
    Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

    El Charrito Caminante
    2710 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

    Del Merei Grille
    3106 Mt.Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305

    Bombay Curry Company
    3102 Mount Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305

    1. Kabob Palace is only a five minute drive. Awesomely consistent Afghan kabobs, hole in the wall atmosphere. Search this board for "Crystal City" for other recommendations that are very close to Pentagon City.

      Kabob Palace
      2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

      1. I am surprised no one mentioned Lebanese Taverna. Yes it is a small chain, but they have good Lebanese goof. Less formal, decent prices, and ethnic. But not secret at all. I don't think anything in Pentagon City is a secret.

        Up in Courthouse Minh's is good for Vietnamese and there is Nam Viet in Clarendon. There is also Guajillo in Roslyn and Pho 75.

        2500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

        Nam Viet Restaurant
        3419 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., washington, dc, DC 20008