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May 7, 2010 07:18 AM


My fiance and I will be visiting from the French Riviera for one week.
We eat strictly Kosher.
Which restaurants would be recommended we try while we are visiting?
We are looking for the best Kosher spots in NYC.
Thank you.

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  1. "Best" is subjective, but I Iike Mike's Bistro and Darna on the uppper west side and le marais in the theatre district.

    1. Some of my favorties include:

      The Prime Grill - IMHO the best kosher steakhouse I have been to- Prime also has two other restaurants which are very well reviewed - Solo and Prime KO a Japanese Steak house that just opened

      Le Marais - French Bistro style steakhouse -

      Abigaels -

      1. J'adour Solo for fine dining. It's upscale kosher food - really delicious, wonderful ambiance, great service. Prime Grill is always fun and has awesome steaks. The new Indian place is fun also, but not on the same level as the other two. Les Marais has good steaks, and Abigael's is a beautiful restaurant.

        1. Le marais c'est super et plutot bon marché. Il y a aussi dans "le diamond district" un petit resto qui s'appelle taam tov qui es assez génial, c'est de la nourriture casher ouzbek et c'est vraiment pas cher. Sinon il y a plein de restos indien casher très bon et pas cher. Franchement il vaut mieux que vous dites ce que vous aimez et nous pourrions vous aiguillez un peu plus car il y a un paquet de restos casher a new york.

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            My French isn't what it was back in my HS days, but if spacesasha is recommending the inexpensive Indian restaurants, my message to the OP is that you should carefully check that the hashgachot are to your standards. Your original post indicated that you eat "strictly kosher," but not all hashgachot in NY are considered equal, and those restaurants are sometimes avoided by some.

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              On that note I would also advise caution with regard to Le Marais, in light of Rabbi Bitton's allegations. I trust R Bitton's word more than that of the OU, and have not been to Le Marais since he went public with what he saw there. If you're coming from the South of France you may have contacts in the French/Moroccan community in NYC, in which case I advise you to ask people about R Bitton.

              I second spacesasha's recommendation of Taam Tov for lunch one day. Also Mike's and Abigael. Darna, unless you get so much Moroccan food at home that you want something different here. And maybe the new meat Indian place, Dakshin II, or Shalom Bombay if it's open by the time you get here. (The veggie Indian places all use milk that isn't chalav yisrael; I don't know whether you'll eat pareve at such a place. Also, they all have small hechsherim, which you will have to check out and decide whether to trust.)

              Maybe you should go out to Teaneck to try Smokey Joe. Depending on your transport situation, perhaps even a trip to Mosaica might be in order; it's not easy to get to without a car, and I've never been, but it's supposed to be very good.

              If you come out to Brooklyn there's Olympic Pita, Pita Off the Corner, El Gaucho, Tea for Two, Venezia, and a few others to recommend.

          2. check out clubhouse cafe, across the street from le marais.

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              This is under the same management as Le Marais, so the same kashrut concerns apply. If carub is strict about such things, s/he may want to consider R Bitton's allegations before eating there.