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May 7, 2010 06:55 AM

Lew's Dockside Takeout in North Hills?

I've been driving past this place all my life, it seems, but never heard anything about it -good or bad. They don't have a website, there are few reviews online, and what reviews there are aren't detailed enough for me. Sometimes you just want a nice piece of fried fish to take home, you know? Has anyone been?

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  1. Have never eaten "in". We did takeout once, a few months back.We had one of the family combination specials- flounder and some type of fish cakes with fries and cole slaw. Nothing sticks in my mind as memorable. I do remember it being too greasy for my liking and the fish cakes having no distinct flavor but lots of filler.

    1. I've never done take-out or eaten their fried seafood, but for a basic meal that's above diner standards, I like it.