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May 7, 2010 06:52 AM

Mother's Day, Bartram's Gardens area?

We'll be taking our Mothers to Bartram's Gardens on Sunday-- I don't even know what that area is called (Gray's Ferry?)-- anyway, is there any place acceptably Chowish for lunch in the neighborhood so we don't have to haul back into town in multiple vehicles? I realize this is a long shot, but thanks for any recommendations...

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  1. There are a couple good beer-centric places around there, Resurrection Ale House and Grace Tavern, both on Gray's Ferry Ave. between 23rd and 25th streets, about 2 miles from where you'll be. Grace Tavern would be my pick based on food alone, but the atmosphere is a little dark. Resurrection Ale House is a little more friendly in atmosphere. The Dock Street Brewery is also nearby at 50th and Baltimore Ave, but they're closed on Sundays.

    1. Another possibility is going to University City. Various people on this board like Distrito, Marigold, Zocalo, etc. Lots of choices.

      Vietnam's western outpost at 47th and Baltimore is a lovely spot, if Asian would suit: