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May 7, 2010 06:37 AM

Orlando Airport

We have an early afternoon flight out of Orlando next Sunday. What recomendations to folks have near the airport for lunch?



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  1. Not sure if they're open for lunch, but Hemisphere in the Hyatt inside the airport was killer for dinner last time I was there. That was the most tender calamari I've probably ever had!

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        that sucks. my buddy lives there by the airport, there isn't much nearby. every time I visit and stay with him we always have to drive at least 10-15 mins to get anywhere good.

    1. Your best bet is the Hyatt - any of the 3 restaurants that are open. Everything else is fast food, loud, and the usual. I've eaten at Chili's several times, but it's not very good.

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        I gave up and had lunch at 11AM before leaving Cocoa Beach, at Roberto's Cuban Cafe. Not much atmosphere but the best food of the trip.