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May 7, 2010 06:28 AM

help near Conshohocken Marriott

We have several wedding guests staying at the Marriott West in Conshohocken this week-end. Any lunch ideas for those who want to do some exploring in the area?

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  1. Had dinner at the stone rose last week and was very impressed with the food and service. Definitely a great addition to the area.

    1. Lunch is little tough but there are places like Great American Pub on Fayette right across the bridge or if they want to get more creative they can go into Norristown to Taqueria La Michoacana on Main Street in Norristown. They would just make a left at the 1st light over the bridge (toward Conshohocken) and follow that road to Main Street (aka Ridge Pike) then make a left and it's down at the corner of Arch & Main.

      They could also go to Lucky Dog in Lafayette Hill on Germantown Pike around the intersection of Joshua Road.

      1. Stonewell - Korean on ridge ave. Second the Lucky Dog and La Michoacana. I'd think twice about Stone Rone..nice..not great.