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May 7, 2010 06:25 AM

Pre-movie dinner near MFA?

Any recommendations for a good place to get dinner before a film at the MFA? Any type of casual place would be good. Can't do sushi, but Japanese places that do other dishes are fine. In the past, we've gotten dinner in other parts of town before driving over because we didn't know any good restaurants within walking distance.

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  1. We've always enjoyed our meals at Betty's Noodles. Could have sworn there was a bar and grill near Symphony Sushi where we ate a year ago, but can't find mention of it anywhere on the Web -- maybe Our House East?

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      We've been to Betty's Wok and Noodle Diner a bunch of times. It's definitely an option, but sometimes when I go to a restaurant I want someone else to choose the ingredients.

      1. re: blink617

        You two are luckier than I. One visit, one bite, inedible. Never went back.

        I like Trattoria Toscana over on Jersey St. via short and beautiful stroll from the MFA along Fens. Much closer than Betty's Wok.

    2. New Japanese brasserie, Basho, 1223 Boylston St:

      1. I like Flames II on Huntington for Jamaican. Very close to MFA, VERY casual, inexpensive and tasty.