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May 7, 2010 05:47 AM

please critique my barcelona list, thanks

We will be there the first saturday through monday in july:

Lunch: Bar Pinotxo
Dinner: Gelonch

Lunch: ???
Dinner: Paco Meralgo

Lunch: Casa Delfin or Cafe de l'Academia
Dinner: Alkimia

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  1. I've only been to Bar Pinotxo and Cafe De del'Academia. They both were my 2 favorite meals in barcelona last summer. Amazing, remember-forever food. But I loved the wine (Acamdeia Gral something) and multiple courses at the latter so much I would consider going for dinner (unless you can really throw down at lunch!)

    1. Never been to Gelonch; seems to be the darling of moment on this board. Casa Delfin is fine if in El Born but I wouldn't make a special trip if I am in another part of the city. This is based on one meal couple years ago. The other three are very good.

      1. Want someplace different...want someplace local and fun.....try Las Fernandez.. And on Monday night....instead of the very expensive Alkima...which in MHO is ok, try Blanc de tofona....Incredible and very, very reasonable. Love Cafe de l'Academia for lunch....

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          sockster, is blanc de tofona similar to gelonch? also what do you think of passadis del pep? thanks

          1. re: degustazione

            blanc de tofona is a bit similar to gelonch without the tasting menu feature. but the food sparkles there in a different way than Gelonch. both are worthy of your time. I haven't been to pasadis del pep...sorry.